SMB Social Media and Social Networking

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Social media and social networking are critical tools for SMBs today, but how do you use these tools effectively? The possible applications are nearly limitless and the tools are many and maybe a bit overwhelming, so we’re hoping this simple guide provides a practical starting point.

Tips & Tricks

How to manage social media like the big guys. If you think social media is the exclusive tool of small business marketing, think again. Big businesses are using this technology too. What can you learn from them. EMS Inc.

The key to effective business networking. Being a connector is hard work but can be good for your business as well. The key to doing it successfully has to do with getting buy-in from all parties. Chris Brogan

Social Media Trends

The Fed will be monitoring social media? Is your small business listening too? With opinions apparently rapidly shifting on monetary policy, the Fed hopes to eavesdrop on conversations on Facebook, Twitter and more. You owe it to your company to do the same. Fast Company

How is your business using its social tools? Social media and social networking tools are exploding everywhere. How are you using these tools to promote, leverage and grow your compay? Noobpreneur

Marketing Social

How to recycle your blog. Success in social media is about communication but also about sharing something of value. It’s important not to waste or squander the value you create. Chris Brogan

Social media and permission marketing. Social media is a brand new communications medium that is taking the world and small business by storm. Permission marketing is a new approach to promoting your business promoted by Seth Godin. Here’s how they fit together. The MarketingM8 Blog

Location Based

Not all social media is created equal. An important part of your social media strategy may just be figuring out where to be active and what tools to ignore. For example, location-based technologies like Foursquare have not taken the world as much by storm as expected. WSJ

Don’t count Foursquare out! On the other hand, though growth may not have been as rapid as expected, counting these tools out as a help to your business may also be a mistake. Are you in a position where location based services could do a lot for your company? You’re the Boss

More Social Media News

Coming to terms with new realities. Many companies are now actively encouraging their employees to use social media, aware of the possibilities. But a recent survey suggests many businesses have had to discipline employees as well when that social media use goes wrong. The Telegraph

Making the most of your opportunities. The fact is that most successful social media campaigns in the end require a comprehensive approach and, while the strategy may vary for each company, a few of the key elements remain the same. Here are the things you’ll need to make the most of social media. Bizgene

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