Training Tips for Entrepreneurs

It may surprise you that entrepreneurs need training. Well, they do. Here are some tips that can improve how you function each day, as you work toward changing the world.


5 ways to kill a brainstorming session. In creative organizations, brainstorming has been and is still the source of the creative juices that fuel the new great ideas. However, in too many organizations brainstorming sessions have become just another meeting that takes up time and bores participants. Instead of being a place where input is valued, supported, and nurtured, its potential contributions have not been realized. Five behaviors that must be avoided to prevent this breakdown in contributions are discussed.

Four personality types of entrepreneurs. Michael E. Gerber, author of the well-known “E-Myth” books talks with Isabelle Mercier of Leap TV, talks about the real meaning of entrepreneurship and the very limited number of people who truely understand it. Leap TV


Steve Stoute: Get paid. In today’s marketplace, you are faced with customers who are shaped more by shared experiences than by age or race. In your marketing your message must be one that shares the vision they share and sees the world as they see it. CNNMoney

How to delegate anything. If you are going to be successful in your small business, you will soon discover that you can’t do every thing yourself. You must learn to delegate. This is very difficult for the entrepreneur and small business owner to do. Most feel that only they canto the job “right” and they can do it themselves more quickly than having to train someone else. Follow the steps to start delegating. Inc.

Social Skills

Entrepreneur on the road to wellness after firing. This article describes the type of determination and perseverance that leads to successful entrepreneurship. It also demonstrates the love of and belief in your idea and program. The use of social media to coach individually along with group encouragement and team building help make this a successful program. Reuters

Sometimes it’s the customer that needs firing. As entrepreneurs we’re accustomed to the idea that customers or clients are the lifeblood of our business providingthe cash flow needed to help our fledgling businesses survive and grow. But there are times when a particular client may have such a negative impact on our business that it is time to show them the door. LeapZone Blog


What is an accidental entrepreneur? And what is their job description? If the mere idea that an entrepreneur has a set of criteria to meet or job description bothers you, remember that this is just a format. But these points may help entrepreneurs understand where they fit in. The Entrepreneurial Mind

Don’t worry about opportunities missed. There’s plenty of room for regret in life, but, for the entrepreneur, this looking back vice is particularly bad news. Focus on opportunities issed and you’ll probably miss more. Better to improve your game then count errors. Seth Godin’s Blog

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  1. Interesting article, I agree that social skills and delegation are both very important for entrepreneurs that can get overlooked.

  2. I don’t believe that entrepreneurs need to be trained – but I believe they may want / need to be coached. Why? “Training” involves doing somthing someone elses way…why would you do that when you’d have much better success doing things your way? We are not all the same person or personality, our brains do not wor the same and therefor the “one size fits all” approach, which is another name for training, doesn’t really work for everyone.