Analyst Firm Identifies Virtual Assistants as Key to Web Customer Service

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EMERYVILLE, CA (Press Release – October 6, 2011) – VirtuOz, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) for online customer service, today announced that virtual assistants were a key criterion for determining Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Web Customer Service.  In addition, the report ranks “new and additional customer access channels” as the number one  business case driver for WCS deployments.

Released in September 2011, “Magic Quadrant for CRM Web Customer Service,” uses the following seven primary building blocks to determine Magic Quadrant leaders.

•       Virtual assistant
•       Knowledge for self-service
•       Email response management
•       Web chat
•       Collaborative browsing
•       Video services
•       Mobile customer service with SMS

“Today’s digital-savvy customer is increasingly dictating when, where, and how they want to engage with a company, and businesses are responding by creating new and innovative online channels to create a high quality customer experience,” said Steve L. Adams, CEO and president of VirtuOz.  “IVAs offer a new, personalized customer engagement channel that delivers a high quality customer experience at one-tenth the cost of traditional channels.  It’s a winning proposition for both the consumer and the business. ”

IVAs (also known as virtual assistants) provide a new online channel for customer engagement across marketing, sales, and support.  IVAs are a digital persona providing convenient, timely, automated assistance by engaging in a personalized conversation with customers — responding quickly and accurately to their online requests, interactively guiding them to find information, and performing tasks on their behalf.  Designed to be multi-channel aware, IVAs can also direct customers to an alternate channel, such as live chat or a contact center representative if they require human assistance.  An IVA marries the knowledge and performance of a company’s best sales, service, or marketing professional with the convenience and accessibility of self-service, to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Combining virtual agent applications, domain expertise, and best practice processes for agent deployment, VirtuOz is ideal for companies addressing their customers’ needs for a superior customer experience while balancing their own need to keep operational costs in control.

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About VirtuOz:

VirtuOz is the leader in Digital Customer Relationships, enabling large and mid-market enterprises to use Intelligent Virtual Agents to provide world-class online marketing, sales, and support channels, ensuring a high quality user experience while improving operational performance.  Intelligent virtual agents offer companies a new channel for contemporary online customer service that delivers the best possible customer experience at one-tenth the cost of traditional channels.  VirtuOz solutions combine best-in-class virtual agent solutions with best practices across agent development, deployment, and optimization to deliver predictable and measurable results.  Intelligent virtual agents are predicted to become the new standard for customer interaction in the next few years.  VirtuOz leads the market for successful use of intelligent virtual agents, having processed over 144 million conversations on behalf of our customers in 2010 and with the largest number of live enterprise intelligent virtual agents for Global 2000 companies including eBay, Chegg, SFR, H&R Block and Symantec.  More information about VirtuOz can be found at

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