Lisa Barone Asks: What’s Your Blog Persona? [BlogWorld Coverage]

When you blog, you’re delivering a version of yourself. Maybe you use a voice a little different from your everyday voice to stand out. Maybe you use your blog as a character, much the way Lady Gaga uses her costumes and different personas.

According to Lisa Barone, co-founder of Outspoken Media (and contributor here on Small Business Trends), you need to create your blogging superhero, or: the marketable version of you.

She spoke at Blog World on “Creating Your Blogging Superhero.”

business superheroHere’s just a sample of what I learned.

What Do You Want to Be Known As?

Creating a character for your blog, says Barone, can help you sell products, build community and find new customers. But if you don’t already have a persona for your blog, where should you start?

Barone talks about figuring out what you want to be known as. Is that the Sassy Sales Lady? The Behind-the-Scenes Tech Guy? This can help you build the character you blog with. Once you’ve identified this, determine what traits are important to help you build that blogging superhero.

What Makes You Weird?

A recurring theme at Blog World was storytelling.  Barone says to find the story that makes you the best “you” possible. That may be telling about what makes you weird; people identify with weird better than the absence of a personality, so don’t be afraid to share it!

If It Doesn’t Relate, Toss It!

Even if you’re striving for a blog persona that’s genuine, it’s important to filter out what isn’t relevant to your readers. You might talk about your business and industry in a very honest way, but clearly, it’s not necessary or beneficial to share the argument you had with a supplier. Or photos from the company holiday party. Filter out the distractions and zone in on what your audience cares about.  Barone explains:

“Too much irrelevant information distracts people from their core goal and threatens the brand you’re trying to build.”

Takeaway: wear a superhero outfit under your work clothes. Ask yourself:   what sort of persona do you portray on your blog today?  If you’re not sure or not satisfied with your persona today, what persona do you WANT to portray?  Is it genuine? Authoritative? Social?

Start creating it the way you want to appear!


Susan Payton Susan Payton is the Communications Manager for the Small Business Trends Awards programs. She is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, an Internet marketing firm specializing in content marketing, social media management and press releases. She is also the Founder of How to Create a Press Release, a free resource for business owners who want to generate their own PR.

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  1. On the Outspoken Media blog Lisa does a great job of being that superhero. She’s authentic and really let’s her personality shine through in here writing.

  2. Excellent tips from Lisa. It’s always incredibly useful to hear success tips from one who hasn’t been afraid to get her own hands dirty doing this stuff. It is only then that a philosophy becomes practical advice.

  3. Thanks, Susan.

    Great coverage from Blogworld this year!

    Show your real self if you’re going to have a blog. If you’re going to spend the time needed to do it right, (blogging) don’t be afraid of being opinionated; it creates thought leadership if done right.

    Just make sure you know what you’re talking about.

    The Franchise King®

  4. Susan: It would have been great to listen to Lisa’s speech. Thanks for covering it!

    Joel: I agree with your statement. That’s why I started a blog with the word EGO (I in Latin) in 2002. If you want to learn more about my “super powers,” check out my post, Seven Things About Me. I want to send a thank-you note of gratitude to Anita Campell for sending an invitation to participate in this blog meme. 🙂

  5. @Robert–
    She really got me thinking about what my superhero is…still working that out!

    You’re right on. I don’t like listening to people who preach but don’t practice!

    There was a ton of great stuff to learn at Blog World! Good points!

    Seeing someone you follow on blogs speak is truly amazing, and Lisa is as fantastic in person as online!

  6. Susan:

    I look forward to the day when I will be able to meet, greet and listen to many of the smart individuals I am following on Small Business Trends! 🙂

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