4 Ways to Make a Splash on Cyber Monday

Forget Black Friday; November 28th is Cyber Monday. It’s the day of the year when employees head back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday and are too amped on pumpkin pie to do anything but spend the day mindlessly shopping online. You already know the eyes (and wallets) are going to be online hunting for sales, so what are you going to do to take advantage of it?

Below are four ways small business owners can positively cause a scene on Cyber Monday to make sure the 2011 holiday season kicks off with the needed oomph.

1. Promote site-wide Cyber Monday sales

A couple weeks back we talked about how small business owners can get more from running holiday deals, so I don’t want to hear that anyone forgot to include Cyber Monday in their holiday plans. If you haven’t already been hard at work promoting your Cyber Monday deals via online coupons, mobile on-the-go discounts or email marketing offers, it’s not too late to get something in the works, but you need to act now. Hosting Cyber Monday deals is a great opportunity to bring people onto your site and entice them while they’re in the buying spirit. Whether you offer a site-wide percentage off or choose to reward customers for making purchases above a certain threshold, Cyber Monday offers give users a reason to shop your site instead of giving money to one of your competitors. While you’re busy promoting, don’t forget to highlight your Cyber Monday deals on a special landing page and/or directly from your home page.

2. Reward your fans

It’s the holidays! What a great time to say “thank you” to your Facebook fans and thank them for their loyalty. And since it’s Cyber Monday they’re even more likely to be trolling their Facebook pages to see what their friends are up to, who just bought what, and whether anyone’s sharing coupon codes. What a perfect opportunity to offer your Facebook community a discount/special product/unique offer that they can engage with, share with their friends, and find waiting for them in their News Feed when they sign on. By offering your Facebook fans a little something extra via your Facebook page come Monday, you not only give them a reason to click through to your website and make a purchase, but you also create something viral that they can share with their friends while increasing the brand exposure you receive that day. We know that people love to share and love to get a good deal. Why not help your customers do both on one of the the busiest online shopping days of the year?

3. Throw a Twitter party

If your audience isn’t shopping on Facebook, it’s probably because they’re hanging out on Twitter scouring the site for deals, coupon codes and an excuse to do anything but work. Why not hold a Twitter Party to capture their interest and entice them with deals? By holding a Cyber Monday Twitter Party you tie your brand into the excitement of the day and create a separate event that you can promote and use to talk directly to your customers. With your Twitter Party in full effect, you can chat with potential buyers, engage them with deals, offer prizes and find continuous ways to drive people back to your site and reinforce your brand.

4. Go viral with email marketing

Make sure to tie whatever Cyber Monday campaigns you plan to be running in with your email campaigns. The email campaigns you send out to your customer base should tease or display whatever specials you’ll be running, while directing customers to a special Cyber Monday-themed landing page or to a specific section of your website. Once again, make sure you tap into your customers’ desire to share by highlighting a Tell a Friend link or by encouraging them to forward the email to their friends and family. You’ll also want to send at least one reminder to make sure that your customers see it. With so many businesses trying to reach customers during this busy time of year, sending that reminder will increase your odds of being seen and build that top-of-mind recall.

As an added bonus, be sure to send a followup email to those who make a Cyber Monday purchase to thank them, offering another discount if they head back to your site for a followup purchase. This will allow you to, again, leverage the huge influx of traffic you receive on Cyber Monday.

Those are just a few tips for how SMBs can maximize their Cyber Monday potential. Do you have any big specials or promotions planned for Monday’s online shopping fest?


Lisa Barone Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit, an Albany Web design and development firm where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing consulting, social media, and content divisions.

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  1. I worked for an SEO software company that threw a very successful Cyber Monday promotion and a large part of the success was the bloggers that we had publicize the promotion. We reached out to them a couple weeks prior and provided a post they could publish (it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, what blogger wouldn’t want someone else to write that post for them?) and the promotion was a resounding success.

  2. Great timely article to help small businesses as we approach this HUGE sales day!

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