8 More Suggestions for Business Gifts

How to Choose the Perfect Business Gift: 8 Ideas

According to American Express’ 2009 Small Business Holiday Monitor (PDF), the top corporate or business gifts include cards or calendars (49%), retail or restaurant gift certificates (26%) and company branded items (26%).

While there’s nothing wrong with giving a client a calendar, try to get more creative in your gift giving this year. We have some suggestions for you, 8 of them to be exact. We think there’s something here for everyone from the “techie,” to the luxury lover, to the sports enthusiast in your life. Let’s get started with the “techies” . . .

For the Technophile:

If you’ve got the budget and your client loves all things tech, impress him by sending him something truly unexpected. That might be an iPad (who doesn’t love those?), a digital camera or a LiveScribe smart pen. Focus on electronic gifts that are hip and useful.

Apple iPad 2

Cost: $499 (for the wi-fi only model)

Where to Buy: Apple’s site, most retailers like Target and Wal-Mart.

Gift Giving Tip: Be sure to find out if the technophile already has an iPad before investing! We all know how much they love their gadgets.

Also, consider tablet alternatives to the iPad, some of which are considerably lower cost:  the BlackBerry Playbook; Kindle Fire; Nook Tablet and HP tablet.

Another tip: It’s a good idea to check for an Amazon.com wishlist and see if the recipient has created one that is publicly visible.  You may be able to learn EXACTLY what he or she would like.

To see our other gift suggestions, click through the page links below . . .

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