How Do You Measure Your Business Blogging Success?

Blogging can be an important part of any small business today. So how are you using blogging in your efforts? You’ll see some suggestions and inspirational resources below offering tips for blogging and other aspects of business operation. What challenges do you face in your small business? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.

Metrics & SEO

How do you measure your blogging success? Metrics are useful, but without context it’s sometimes difficult to draw meaningful insight into what’s actually working. Five key metrics are all you need to forge a closer relationship with your audience and get the Web traffic you desire. FixCourse

Common-sense SEO can boost your exposure. Sure, you’re a seasoned blogger, but are you really getting all the traffic you deserve? There’s no substitute for good old, common-sense Search Engine Optimization. BusinessZone


BlogWorld and New Media Expo: A Retrospective. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t make it out to L.A. for this monster event! Must-have blogging and social media highlights are hallmarks of this powerful and educational conference. WebSuccessTeam

A closer look inside the event. Many of those attending BlogWorld this past weekend, were there to learn more about using blogs in their business. In this video we get a better flavor of what they experienced and see interviews from some of those seeking more details about how to make blogging work for them. Scott Fox

Blogging Business Models

The Copyblogger case study. If you plan to look to successful blogs for inspiration, there is probably none so successful as Brian Clark’s brainchild. The blogger’s blog, this site isn’t just influential. It has a business model worth examining.

New global reach for face to face business. This is the main advantage that blogs can offer today. Read the story of Elli St. George Godfrey who uses her blog to maintain contact with clients all over the world. BizSugar Blog

Management & Branding

A cranky conundrum. Dealing with difficult employees…it’s something that we, as business people, all must cope with from time to time. These tips for taking the right path when facing friction will help keep your business on the road to success. Angel Business Advisors

No matter what business your happen to be in, standing out is key. Joel Libava gives this overview for franchise owners which actually could apply to just anyone starting or operating a small business. What reasons are you giving people to choose you over competitors? The Franchise King

News & Tips

Where did all those small business dollars go? It’s great when the federal government decides to help small business out, but it’s best to follow the breadcrumbs to see where the money is really going!

Nine things successful people do. When trying to build a successful business, it’s helpful to know what success should look like. Here are nine things successful people do differenty. How could you integrate these approaches into your business efforts? Harvard Business Review

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