How Software Certified Partners Help Small Businesses

If you’ve added new software to your daily operations, you know how frustrating it is to stop everything to learn the system. Who has time to spend hours setting it up and learning all of its intricacies? Companies like Infusionsoft, HubSpot and even Google AdWords understand the pain point this causes small business owners, and they’re doing something about it.

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Companies like these train and partner with consultants who can assist small businesses in ramping up on the software quickly. Infusionsoft recently launched its Certified Consultants directory, a list of partners that Infusionsoft has trained on its marketing/CRM platform.

While Infusionsoft provides substantial training and support, sometimes small businesses want more.  Kara Barney, Program Manager for the Certified Consultants program at Infusionsoft, says:

“What happens is that we just hit the tip of the iceberg in this time frame and many of our customers are super excited about the capabilities of the software and elect for more advanced ‘Done for You’ help or customizing of the software. Again, we can refer with confidence to this group of experts we consider an extension of the Infusionsoft family.”

Google recently announced its new AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program, which connects small business owners with certified AdWords partners. It’s clear that these companies see benefit to working more intimately with small business owners.

Do You Need a Certified Consultant?

If you have the time or initiative, you certainly can learn the ins and outs of any software program, but the point is: do you want to? Working with someone who has been trained in the minute details of a program may help you find new ways to use the software that you wouldn’t have found on your own.

Travis Campbell is one of the Certified Consultants for Infusionsoft. After working with different contact management software programs as a marketing consultant, he was pleased with Infusionsoft’s ability to streamline marketing and CRM functions, and now he helps small business owners implement the software. He knows his clients are strapped for time and don’t have the ability to explore all of Infusionsoft’s features on their own:  

“…some marketers have held off on moving forward with Infusionsoft because they didn’t want to implement themselves. This program solves that problem.”

For the consultants, the benefit of being trained and certified is exposure to thousands of small business clients who may be looking for extra help. Infusionsoft’s directory allows clients to rate and comment on a consultant’s profile, which can help them get more exposure. And having “certified partner” on your resume never hurts!

Many of the consultants for Infusionsoft and other platforms are entrepreneurs themselves, so they appreciate what small business owners are looking for when it comes to software solutions.

Where to Look

If you’re looking for a new software provider, check to see if the company has a network of certified consultants. Look for reviews of the provider, either on that site or others, and make sure they have the knowledge you’re looking for.

  • AdWords has a Partner search that allows you to find providers based on budget and location.
  • Hubspot’s database of partners lets you search for consultants specializing in blogs, video production, web design and more.
  • View Infusionsoft’s Certified Consultants directory based on location or category.
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