Small Business Startup: Like Riding a Mountain Bike?

There are probably quite a few analogies that could be made for starting a business. We mention riding a mountain bike because of a great post with which we start this roundup. Why is thinking this way about your business so important? Well, because when you are seeking inspiration while contemplating your next move, visualizing your business can make you consider different directions you might never have considered otherwise. We hope you’re inspired by the information and resources that follow. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


How is a small business startup like riding a mountainbike? Well, for one thing, it’s best if you adjust the seat first. Just kidding! But seriously, the points on this list will make you think. Are there other experiences you could compare a startup to? Don’t Do It Yourself

Running your business with the right ethics. Of course, you are running your business to make a profit, but blogger and entrepreneur Ivan Widjaya poses the important question: would you do anything for money? Hopefully, like Ivan, you realize the proper balance necessary in any business.

Basic Tips

How to run a live Webinar. They are an important tool in businesses of all sizes, but today a Webinar can be effectively used as a small business tool too. Here are some considerations to make things go smoothly when setting up your program. Tweak Your Biz

Tips on selling your business. While it might be hard to think this way when first starting up, there may come a time when you wish to sell your business. Selling is easier if you’ve done your homework. One expert gives some thoughts on what to do first. AllBusiness

Latest Trends

Hot spots for new business, new jobs. Starting a small business in these tough economic times can be a trying experience. There are sectors of the economy that are doing better than others and, if your interests are in one of these areas, your chances of success are better. Child day care, home health care, and the financial services industry are three places you may wish to explore. CNNMoney

Regulations fewer but more costly. Federal regulations are fewer but more costly to businesses under President Obama, not good news as the economy is struggling through a recovery. Check out how the current administration compares to the previous. Bloomberg Businessweek

Growth & Strategy

When you first start a small business you usually wear a lot of hats. Among the important ones is that of CEO, but you also are the chief financial officer. The next step is usually to hire an outside accounting firm and then a controller.  When handling the financial affairs of the company starts to affect the CEO’s time needed to oversee and manage the revenue-producing aspect of the business, it is time to look toward bringing a chief financial officer on board. NY Times

The power of social media for small business. Peter Masters of MarketingM8 talks about starting his business to serve a whole new market in this profile on our sister site. How is your business using social media today? BizSugar Blog

Customer Service & Networking

Strange but true. If your small business is on the Internet, you may want to pay serious attention to this data about “bizarre” things that may be influencing your customers’ behavior online. You may find some of the conclusions surprising. GetElastic

Networking check list. Online or off, there are important tools for business networking. Every business owner is likely to have their own list of favorites guided by the kind of business they are in and the kind of customers, clients and partners they are trying to meet. Birdies Typing Services

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