Time May Be Right To Start Businesses Today

Could the time be right to start a small business? With heavy competition and a challenging economy, opportunities are available, says Sir Richard Branson in our first link. Our roundup takes a broad look at entrepreneurship today. Are you ready?

Startup Fever

Branson: time right for starting businesses. Legendary entrepreneur Sir. Richard Branson says the time is right for starting new businesses. Branson says startups can take advantage of larger potentially bloated companies struggling to compete in tough times. Bloomberg Businessweek

Kickstart your business in 54 hours or less. That’s what it took for these tech startups to blast off into business during Startup Weekend, a three-day odyssey taking ideas from conception to concrete reality. Inc.com

Best Practices

If at first you don’t succeed… Recovering from failures and learning from your mistakes–these are valuable skills for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. But don’t lose your cool or let the fear of failure define you or stop you from pursuing your business goals. Seth Godin’s Blog

The “nurture” of your business is just as important as its nature. Being focused on “the launch” is great, but remember to consider your day to day operations, maintenance, and future growth. Youngentrepreneur

Myths & Heroes

Small business myth-busters. Ka-boom! Ten popular small business myths are blown to bits, freeing you from common misconceptions that could be holding back your success. American Express Open Forum

Business role models whose views resonate. Maintaining your inspiration throughout your entrepreneurial journey isn’t always easy! Finding a business hero whose story resonates with you is just the thing to bolster your determination while you fight the good fight. Small Business Trends


Build mad skills for startup success! This free Webinar on Dec. 1 with journalist and entrepreneur Susan Solovic, will show you the ins and outs of starting a business and help prepare you for the challenges entrepreneurs face. Ventureneer


Crowdsourcing platforms for tall ideas. From focus and feedback to funding, a community kickstart could be just the right the tack to take your business from conception to reality. Getbusy Media

Small business strength training to beat the “big guys”. Just because you are small doesn’t mean you have to be weak! Finding your niche, capitalizing on community connection, providing in-touch customer service, and thinking outside the box will flex your small business muscle and help you knock out your larger competitors. Angel Business Advisors

What Captain Kirk can teach you about entrepreneurship. Ronika Khanna takes us along for an evening with actor William Shatner and shows us how tenacity and the willingness to say yes to any opportunity can serve the entrepreneur even in tough times. Montreal Financial

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