Have You Entered the World of Social Commerce?

The importance of social media to your small business is nothing new, of course. But the tips we’ll cover in this post take the effort to a whole new level. Are you doing all you can with your social media efforts? If not, here’s a way to do more.

Social Sales & Marketing

Have you entered the world of social commerce? Possibly the most important trend in social media today is that you no longer need to use this tool just for marketing. Here’s a look at how to convert all those fans to customers with an approach that is becoming popular with businesses large and small. DIY Marketers

Facebook engagement ads can build your business? If you plan to advertise on Facebook, what better way than to use that advertising to increase your own fan base? Creating an army of fans and potential customers for your brand has never been easier. Here’s how. The Rise to the Top

Social Influence & Effects

If you follow no other Twitter accounts, follow these. Small Business Trends is proud to be on the list, but we share that honor some other very worthwhile tweeps. Please take the time and check out these awesome resources. You won’t regret it. Buzz Small Business Magazine

Social media and your employees. Social media can empower customers and small businesses alike, but what limits are you permitted to put on the social media activity of your employees? This important report looks at what employees can and can’t say about your business online. WSJ

Another kind of social business. With the focus on social media for business these days, another social business idea sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. As his article suggests, even in a tough economy, social ventures may make good business sense. NY Times

Social Media Tips

Social media: tool or trouble? We’ve probably all read the positives about what social media marketing can do for our business, but what about the flip side? Yes, social media has a darker side leading to distraction and loss of productivity. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the potential risks. Annemarie Cross

Is social media really working for you? You’ve engaged in social media marketing to benefit your business. But are you really getting all the benefits possible from your efforts? Use this checklist to decide whether there are things that might make your efforts more effective. Fox Business

Targeting & Branding

The rise of the niche community. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may still be the big kids on the block, the rise of the niche social network specially targeted to a specific interest group can be another important tool for marketing your small business. BBC

Using blogs to boost your brand. In this video, branding and business coach Isabelle Mercier shares a tip about using other peoples’ blogs to promote your brand. Blogs are the original social media, and getting others talking about your product or service can be a great social media benefit when marketing your business. LeapTV

Final Thoughts

It’s all about relationships. In the end most online social marketing serves the same purpose as social interaction in the face-to-face world. It’s maintaining those relationships with customers that’s really important. Here are some steps toward successful online relationships. Pitney Bowes

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  1. Great round up, thanks for those links, particulalrly liked “The rise of the niche community”.