How Small Businesses Invent the Future

How does a small business, or any business for that matter, invent the future? They do so by staying true to their own vision with the customer in mind. We look here at a couple of ways of viewing both your business and your customers as you contemplate your small business strategy for 2012.


Invent the future. Taking on the role of entrepreneur means becoming a thought leader, a product innovator, an invention-creator bringing something new to the table. Customer feedback can be a great metric, but it’s important to stay true to your vision for your product or service. See why your own entrepreneurial spirit must dictate your path to business success. Entrepreneur

New beginnings in business and in life. Gearing up for getting your small business off the ground and expecting your first bundle of joy may not seem to go together—it’s a risk for sure. But for this entrepreneurial couple no time was better for bringing their startup to life. The Wall Street Journal


Analyze this! Customer behavior, that is. It’s easier than you think to see what your audience is talking about and what’s trending now with your customers. One good look at their data trail may reveal all the information you need to target your marketing efforts where they’ll make the most impact. WebSuccessTeam

Let your story be your product. Everyone is looking for their niche, but maybe they only need look as far as their own entrepreneurial journey or problem-solving story. Learn how to build a business upon your experiences by creating “information products” and transform these tales into sales. Scott Fox

Headlines that go for the gusto! We bloggers and marketers can get so caught up in the information we seek to impart to our readers that we forget to make it entertaining. Ignoring the fun-factor in writing can lead to lower traffic and bored audiences, no matter how valuable the message is. Learn how to lavish your lines with power words that grab your readers at the gut level! Copyblogger

Customer Service

Your customers should be happy campers. Whether your business is a shop selling curios or a top B2B service provider, customer service can be the deciding factor in business success, especially amid increased competition brought on by the tough economy. See how customer service can make or break your small business in this apropos infographic. ClickSoftware


Set the wheels in motion! With the new year fast approaching, there’s no time like the present for setting up your business structure. But whether you’re looking to launch an LLC or incorporate, there are several important factors to consider. Here are a few issues to weigh when choosing the best format for your small business. Small Business Trends

A taxing situation for the new year. It seems like all good things come to an end, including these seven tax breaks helpful to small business scheduled to end by Dec. 31. However, with a little creativity and effort on the part of your tax accountant, you may still be able to benefit from them this year. Open Forum


Do you need a “do-over”? Most small business owners can look back over past years and find a few things they wish they’d done differently, but how can identifying these mistakes and missed opportunities improve your business now? Get Your Business to Work

Buying may be a learned behavior. Did you ever stop to consider the turmoil a customer endures when buying a new product for the first time? Seth Godin highlights the trepidation, even fear balanced with curiosity and the imagination it takes for consumers to take the plunge and plunk down the dollars on an unknown quantity—your product or service. Seth Godin’s Blog

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