Late Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs can be tough people to buy for, if you’ve got them on your Holiday list. If you are an entrepreneur, which is why we’re guessing you’re reading this page, you know that tools and resources that help you build your business are most critical. Here are some gifts you might appreciate and some other resources we hope you can use in your next business venture.  Oh — and don’t forget our Business Gift Giving Guide here at Small Business Trends.


Late Holiday gifts for your favorite entrepreneur. It’s not too late to get that perfect gift for that entrepreneur in your life. This list of 11 items can help boost productivity in a variety of ways. From lifestyle to tools needed for building your business, you’ll want to check this list before getting that last Holiday gift for the entrepreneur who has everything. GeekWire

$850 billion up for grabs for your small business. The top 1,000 companies are hoarding cash, but they’ll spend it on the right product, service or investment. Could that money be spent with your small business? Here are more details about how you can get in on this opportunity. Don’t let your company be left behind. Open Forum

Looking Forward

What will your business focus on in 2012? You may feel like you’ve just barely gotten through 2011 in one piece, but look out! That’s 2012 just around the corner. What will you be focusing on with your small business? Susan Oakes shares this primer to help you plan for the future.What will your small business do next year? M4B Marketing

Forget about the biggest franchises for next year. Joel Libava has pulled out all the stops to make a few predictions for small business leaders who may be thinking of moving into franchising over the next decade. Which franchises will be the top considerations come 2019? Read this post and find out. The Franchise King

Reading Signs

Why is customer loyalty important? Without it, businesses are left to compete on price alone. Customer loyalty is critically important for developing long-term sales relationships. But the question becomes, how do you develop the kind of loyalty amongst your customers to maintain these relationships in the first place?

Will you sell in 2012? Are you ready to sell your business? Do you want to get a new start or, in some other way, get on with your life? Is your life or situation changing in some other way that would make selling your business advantageous? Of course, there are many reasons to sell a business, but 2012 may be the year for you. Here are five reasons you may want to make it the year to move on. You’re the Boss


Is your bank committed to small business? It’s an important question these days and one you definitely need to find the answer to before wasting time with a bank that is not committed to you. Not all banks are created equal. Here are some ways to grade your bank’s performance with small business including their willingness to lend. Small Business Trends

101 resources from which your small business can benefit. Small business success depends upon leveraging tools and resources, tools and resources that are easier to find every day it seems. Take this incredible list of 101 resources for entrepreneurs you won’t want to miss. Use these resources to build your small business and share them with others in your network today. Kissmetrics


The real potential of Google+. Think Google’s social network is just another Facebook or Twitter and a pale imitation at that? Think again! This particular network, tied in as it is with the powerful tools of the world’s most popular search engines, guarantees value to your brand beyond your latest update. Nick Stamoulis

So when are you moving to the cloud? You’ve heard about the benefits of moving much of your computer functions to the cloud and know about the increase in functionality and flexibility you will probably reap when using the resources of the cloud for your computing needs. If you haven’t yet made up your mind, here are a few other thoughts to consider.

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