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Using technology in your business can improve your reach and leverage opportunities. So can having other resources that help you work more effectively. We’ve tried to provide all of that and a little more in the roundup below. Tell us what you think.

Tips & Resources

Want to know more about tech for your small business? Editor and technology evangelist Ramon Ray launches Taste of Tech, a new video podcast showing small business owners some of the incredible gadgets available to transform and simplify your business. Smallbiz Technology

More White House efforts to boost startups. The Administration is at it again with a plan to help small startups access more than $2 billion in resources. Do you think the plan will work? The Washington Post

Planning Ahead

What postal cuts will mean to you. With the coming of small business computers, snail mail is becoming less of a priority. But cuts in postal service may still hurt small businesses. Are you one of them? USA Today

Defining your vision and mission. It sounds like such a big task and, with all the other things there are to do in your business, it’s easy to leave these ideas to last. Here’s what you need to consider. Abnormal Marketing

Management Moves

Don’t let outsourcing wreck your brand. Susan Oakes shares a cautionary tale of an outsourced marketing campaign gone awry and how what businesses allow others to do in their name can ultimately hurt, not help, their standing. M4B Marketing

Why your business needs careful budgeting. You probably have budgeted out most of your overhead costs in terms of what it takes to keep your doors open. But do you know how much your operations are really costing you? Confident Cashflows

Tax trends for 2012. They are an inevitable part of life, and, when you are a small business owner, not something to be ignored. Here is a look at what to expect in the coming year. Are you ready for the coming tax season? Small Business Trends


15 tips for the entrepreneurial life. From how to handle e-mail to proper networking and productivity, this post has a little bit of it all and you’ll want to remember it if you want to be the best at what you do. Entrepreneurs Unpluggd

Your productivity guide for the Holiday season. Who wants a stressful Holiday season? But, if your like many entrepreneurs, it can be pretty rough taking a break or a little time off. Here are some tips for staying productive, hopefully without the stress. YourOfficeAnywhere

Redefining what you do. There’s no better time to have a second look at what’s going on in your business than when life throws you a little curve ball. Check out this example and ask yourself if similar re-evaluation might be needed in your business. BizCompare

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  1. Great articles and links, thanks! I really enjoyed the warning story about outsourcing as I tend to outsource quite a bit in areas I don’t feel are my strong suit.