Small Business: Discovering Your Best Life Ever

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but small business entrepreneurship should also be an adventure in lifestyle design. Be sure you do the work you love and live the life you want. Enjoy!

Getting Started

Entrepreneurship: Creating your best life ever. Creating a business should be about creating a lifestyle as well. How often have you thought about this? Does your small business support the kind of lifestyle you would like to be living? Dr. Shannon Reece

Why your business needs a blog. Blogs can benefit many kinds of business. Want proof? Check out this post about how a blog helped a local insurance company expand its market dramatically. Could this work for you? Check out how to get started. Ryan Hanley

Resources & Advice

Why you still don’t have a Web presence. Many small business people still aren’t doing much or are doing the wrong thing with the incredible potential that is the Web. Here are some possible roadblocks. Score

More than 25 resources your business needs. Check out this list of resources. Does your business utilize any of them? If so, how do you use them? If not, consider looking over the list to determine whether any of these things can help you. The Frugal Entrepreneur

Social Media Marketing

Improving your Twitter game. A new tool makes adding automated messages in with your regular Twitter stream a breeze. This is set-it-and-forget-it technology you need for your online marketing. Sales Tip A Day

Change is the one constant you can expect in social media. So, if you have a social media campaign already, you can expect that to change too in 2012. How and how much are the operative questions and a few answers can be found here. PitneyBowes

Management & Operations

A scam alert for small business owners. Whether you sell your business or begin to take an owner’s draw, you may consider investing your money, as many small business owners do. But watch out! Scam artists lurk everywhere. Don’t be taken in. Open Forum

Make your business the less risky choice. We hear a lot about marketing the remarkable product, but there’s something to be said for reliability too. Here’s one recommendation for making your business the less risky choice. The Solopreneur Life


Meeting the challenge of connection on the go. Small business owners store more and more of what they do online allowing them to access it from anywhere. The trouble is it can sometimes still be maddeningly difficult to stay connected on the road. You’re The Boss

Seven sales apps no small business should be without. Technology can be a wonderful tool, especially for small businesses. That tool can sometimes level the playing field and help small business leaders accomplish more with less. Entrepreneur

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