Deluxe Corporation’s Webinar Offers Tips And Tools To Protect Small Businesses From Identity Theft

MINNEAPOLIS (Press Release – Jan. 23, 2012) – Many small business owners see mobile devices as critical business tools, but such devices may be putting their businesses and reputations at risk. An upcoming webinar sponsored by Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX) will help business owners understand these risks and protect their mobile offices.

Nearly 40 million Americans currently access bank accounts and financial records through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, according to Consumer Reports. But, unlike most computers and laptops, mobile devices rarely feature security software. Recognizing this weakness, hackers are increasingly preying on small business owners, accessing mobile devices to steal sensitive data and commit acts of fraud.

On Jan. 31 at 2 p.m. EST, Deluxe and identity theft expert John Sileo will teach small business owners to better control sensitive information in today’s increasingly mobile society. The free, 60-minute webinar “Cyber Attack: Data Defense for Your Mobile Office” will teach small business owners how to:

• Protect smartphones and tablets from common attacks.

• Weigh the pros and cons of cloud computing (Gmail®, SalesForce®, online billing).

• Lock down Wi-Fi data leakage in the office and on the road.

• Protect their traveling office in hotel rooms, airports and beyond.

“My business identity was stolen and nearly a half-million dollars was embezzled from my clients,” Sileo said. “I lost my livelihood, reputation – and nearly my freedom. Had I understood the topics we’ll cover in the Cyber Attack webinar, I would have recognized the fraudulent activities and business threats that were right under my nose.”

The webinar is based on Sileo’s white paper “7 Simple Smartphone Privacy Tips,” which all attendees will receive. The white paper provides quick and easy ways to secure, protect and defend mobile devices, making them inaccessible to thieves and hackers.

Deluxe’s High Security Products and Services for Small Businesses

The webinar will also showcase Deluxe’s high security products and services, designed to help small business owners minimize fraudulent incidents. Deluxe’s offerings include high security laser checks, privacy stamps, security bags and more.

In addition to high security products, Deluxe offers EZShield® identity theft and fraud protection services that help small businesses recover from fraudulent incidents. EZShield Business Identity Restoration provides small business owners with immediate access to a Resolution Specialist in the event of identity theft. EZShield Check Fraud Protection advances small business owners lost funds within 72 hours of a fraudulent occurrence.

“Small businesses experience fraud 50 percent more often than individuals, and the total resolution time of identity theft can take up to 33 hours, according to Javelin Strategy & Research,” said Susan Haider, executive director at Deluxe Corporation. “Deluxe security solutions minimize the debilitating effects of fraud or identity theft on core operations by significantly cutting down recovery time, so that small business owners can focus on running their business.”

To register for the webinar, or for more information on Deluxe’s high security products and services, please visit

About Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe is a growth engine for small businesses and financial institutions. Four million small business customers access Deluxe’s wide range of products and services including customized checks and forms as well as web-site development and hosting, search engine marketing, logo design and business networking. For financial institutions, Deluxe offers industry-leading programs in checks, customer acquisition, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and profitability. Deluxe is also a leading printer of checks and accessories sold directly to consumers. For more information, visit us at, or

About John Sileo

John Sileo is an award-winning author and international speaker on the dark art of deception (identity theft, data privacy, social media manipulation) and its polar opposite, the powerful use of trust, to achieve success. His clients include the Department of Defense, Pfizer, the FDIC and Homeland Security. Watch him on Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes or Fox Business.

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