Is Social Media the New Small Business PR?

We hear a lot these days about the importance of social media in small business success. But how can social media be used most effectively in your small business? We look at the answer to that question and much more in this Small Business Trends roundup. Enjoy!

Social Media

Social media: the new PR? Well, maybe. But the fact is that social media is many things to many different practitioners. There are certainly some no-no’s in terms of business use of social media, but more important is learning how the tool works best for you. FixCourse

How much does it cost? What if you had to pay $20 every time you appeared on social media? You don’t, of course, but it’s a helpful exercise when thinking about how much social media marketing really costs and how much time you devote to it. M4B Marketing


Google rating stars. If you’re developing an online presence this is probably something you should know. Here’s more on the Google rating star, what it is and how to use it in your online marketing efforts. Don’t Do It Yourself

Why your online presence needs video. Online video is more than simply a popular medium that attracts and entertains visitors. It is a powerful Search Engine Optimization tool that will help your Website rank better with Google and the other search engines than it might hope to do otherwise. Step By Step Marketing


A non-boring approach to cash flow projections. Don’t panic! This cash flow projection discussion will not put you to sleep. Like it or not, cash is still king and understanding cash flow is the key to keeping your business afloat. Leap TV

Mastering the five C’s. What if there were a simple little formula out there that made success in small business easy. Well there is…sort of…and getting the hang of this simple little five step approach can be the first step in improving your business success. Open Forum


The basics of cold calling. You may have heard that cold calling is dead, but it remains a quick and simple method of getting a customer interested, if done right. Here’s how to approach the simplest tool in your sales arsenal.

Success Stories

From jobless to self-employed. There are many stories coming out of the troubled economy about people deciding to take their destiny into their own hands and following a dream to create a business. This is another inspiring example of determination that paid off. CNN Small Business

More Tips

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. One way to keep your momentum going after the beginning of the year is with some reminders. You might be surprised how much this tip can help you stay focused not just now but throughout the year. The Solopreneur Life

Expert or entrepreneur? You’ve probably heard it said that part of personal branding for entrepreneurs is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. But is an expert necessarily an entrepreneur or are there differences to be considered? Into which category do you fit? Small Business Trends

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  2. The use of video is an interesting idea. However on most sites with videos I won’t bother watching them. A slice of corporate dogma doesn’t concern me. But if it drives up your search engine presence then it just means more and more sites will adopt it as a strategy.

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