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(Press Release – January 6, 2012) – The Firm, Inc. is a company of best in class business experts aligned to maximize the ongoing potential of all sized corporations. The Firm’s unique and multifaceted team can provide companies with customized insight to not only navigate global public policy, but to win government and corporate contracts and obtain social capital for all types of business ventures.

Founded by Mr. Dustin James Collins, J.D. Chairman and CEO of the investment advisory and hedge fund ‘The Ottoman Group LLC’. Mr. Collins has brought together the best and brightest talent globally to ensure the top down access to C level Executives and Politicians, domestic and abroad, his team bring a wealth of experience from Fortune Corporations, Non Profits, Public Agencies, Law Firms, Private consulting firms from various market sectors including the financial, entertainment, corporate and public sector.

The Firm is made up of seven core practice areas:

1. Corporate Business Development

2. US Government Affairs / Diplomatic Relations

3. Capital & Investment Structures

4. Healthcare

5. Media

6. Energy & Natural Resources

7. Foreign Government Advisory

The Firm works with a myriad of clients from the financial sector to the entertainment industry utilizing top industry decision makers. They offer a global presence in diplomacy, ran by experts in each practice group. They have the ability to maximize a company’s Global standing in the U.S, Middle East, Russian, Latin Americas, Europe and Asian markets.

Mr. Collins and the Firm, Inc. are well equipped to strategically resolve and / or foreshadow the various impacts of the legislative, business and not for profit markets that have potential ramifications on specific business. The Firm will protect a company’s current revenue streams and increase prospective revenue streams. The Firm will create funding access points, then create the investment and ensure the returns on the investment. They also partner with major corporations on some of their practice areas to ensure the best and brightest minds are handling execution.

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