UnderstandingMarketing.com Launches New “PITCH” Series To Help Entrepreneurs Get Press Coverage

FORT MYERS, Fla. (Press Release – January 11, 2012) – Entrepreneurs creating their own small business public relations pitches for the media sometimes need a little help seeing the opportunity. UnderstandingMarketing.com, an online resource that offers small business marketing and public relations advice, announces it has started “PITCH” – Publicity Ideas That Create Headlines. PITCH is a series where specific PR pitch opportunities will be published each week and month, giving small business owners a chance to adapt their own pitch to a current event making local or national headlines.

Beginning in January, UnderstandingMarketing.com launched its monthly small business public relations PITCH series where 27 PR opportunities tied to specific events were published on the blog to help entrepreneurs generate press coverage. The online resource also launched a more focused weekly PITCH series highlighting six stories currently in the news and impacting the small business community. UnderstandingMarketing co-founder John Sternal, with nearly 20 years of PR experience, will spearhead the effort making sure entrepreneurs have information to help them create stronger, more relevant pitches to members of the local and national media.

“The PITCH series will benefit small business owners who need a little help crafting effective pitches but it will also help reporters who are inundated with story ideas that just don’t hit the mark,” said Sternal. “This new PITCH series will help entrepreneurs tie in important and timely current events on a local or national level, ultimately helping them develop publicity ideas that create headlines.”

The monthly tips will be published at the beginning of each month and the weekly tips will be published ahead of each week. PITCH tips will run the gamut, with ideas such as January being National Oatmeal Month to more hard-news ideas such as ways to be a part of the GOP primary story lines in New Hampshire.

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UnderstandingMarketing.com provides “Do-It-Yourself” information that enables small businesses to easily develop marketing and PR campaigns that generate more customers without having to pay for an expensive agency. For more information visit UnderstandingMarketing.com.

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