ClearSync Releases Upgrades To Calendar Android App

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MONROVIA, Calif. (Press Release – February 1, 2012) – Managing calendars and contacts for businesses and families has been made even easier with the latest releases of ClearSync’s calendar apps for Android smartphones and tablets. The interconnected and user-friendly software synchronizes with the leading desktop calendar programs offered by Google and Microsoft, so that a user always knows the schedules of the important people in their life. The latest upgrades improve performance of the contacts search feature, calendars display and event entry, and have made ClearSync’s calendar apps quite popular in the Android Marketplace, with over 17,500 downloads.

The ClearSync calendar app is ideal for busy individuals, families, small businesses and organizations, medium-sized businesses and even departments within larger businesses and organizations. The program allows users to juggle all aspects of life including professional, social, church, charity work, school and children’s activities via its unlimited color-coded calendars and contacts categories.

The ClearSync app offers five levels of service:

  • Free: Ideal for simple sharing, offers one sharing group, two members of groups, sync with Google, forum tech support and a free trial for sync with Microsoft Outlook. This app is supported by occasional advertising popups.
  • Individual: Allows greater sharing with four people and everything else included in the free application. This app sells for $4.99 and has no advertising.
  • Outlook: Ideal for someone who wants simply to connect their Outlook Calendar data to their phone. Includes all the features of the Individual App, plus allows the user to sync with an unlimited number of Outlook calendars and installations for $9.95/year.
  • Silver: Ideal for families, small organizations and offices, offers unlimited sharing groups and members of groups, email tech support, text messaging, and sync with Google and Microsoft Outlook for $19.95/year.
  • Gold: Ideal for power users, midsize companies and professionals, offers encrypted communications, unlimited sharing groups, members of groups, phone technical support, text messaging, sync with Google and Microsoft Outlook for $59.95/year.

Advantages of having ClearSync on an Android-based phone include:

  • Keep contact information and calendar data safe. Because ClearSync’s data is “mirrored in the cloud,” the information is stored via the web. If users accidentally drop their phone into the pool, the calendar and contacts are protected
  • Make appointments quickly with the integrated contacts manager that creates events with contact data preloaded
  • Synchronize with the ClearSync calendars and contacts on your PC and/or laptop
  • Link or embed calendars to websites
  • Publish a web widget for calendar events to keep a group’s website up-to-date automatically

“One of the primary values of ClearSync is the ability to easily manage and share multiple calendars and sets of contacts,” said John Tanner, CEO of Tanner Research. “Years of honing the software have made it a powerful and easy-to-use app for an Android smartphone.” ClearSync software also runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux PCs and in most web browsers, so users are able to enter information at their desks that, moments later, can be viewed on their phones through the cloud-based sync. ClearSync can also provide the link between Outlook calendars on different machines that are not connected via Microsoft Exchange.

ClearSync is now offering a wonderful sweepstakes to encourage people to try ClearSync. The “Win an Amazon Kindle Fire” Sweepstakes, gives Facebook fans the chance to win a one of two of the popular – new Amazon tablets. Continuing through February 15, consumers are able to enter for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire by “Liking” the ClearSync Facebook page and trying the ClearSync product on the Android or desktop. For additional information, visit

ClearSync’s app is available for all Android (Google) phones v.2.2 and higher, including the HTC Amaze and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic. It also works on tablets running Android 3.0 and higher, such as the Motorola XOOM™. Android users can download the free ClearSync app by going to or by visiting the Android Market on their smartphone and searching for ClearSync. While the ClearSync phone app currently only works on the Android platform, ClearSync calendars can be viewed in any standard, contemporary, phone browsers including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows 7 and 8.

About ClearSync

ClearSync is a division of Tanner Research, Inc. of Monrovia, Calif., which acquired the ClearSync software from Palm in 2004. Since then, the ClearSync team has made platform, speed, capacity and reliability upgrades to the service and applications. Because ClearSync’s calendar program is accessed via the internet, users can share multiple calendars and contacts with anyone, anywhere, at any time and be assured that the information is always up-to-date. For more information, visit

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