GetResponse Releases Report “The State Of Email Marketing in SMBs – 2011”

WILMINGTON, Delaware – (Press Release – February 6, 2012) – GetResponse, leading email marketing provider and flagship product of Implix, today announced that their report, “The State of Email Marketing in SMBs – 2011,” is now available for download.

Email marketers’ practices analyzed

The study sets out to analyze the implementation of the most popular email marketing practices, strategies and trends amongst SMB marketers and to answer the following questions:

– Which email marketing tools are the most and the least popular among marketers?

– How do business units of different sizes implement email marketing strategies?

– What are the major differences in utilization of email marketing strategies by specific industry sectors?

“We asked marketers to answer questions about lead generation, segmentation and list hygiene, newsletter optimization and deliverability. Our overall goal was to find out how many are aware of the various optimization strategies and actually use them,” explains GetResponse Founder Simon Grabowski.

Key findings of the research

– The majority of respondents follow best practices and comply with legal requirements of subscription-based lead generation; (79% respondents use sign-up forms to build lists.) However, only 40% of respondents place web forms on every webpage and 44% on a Facebook profile.

– A large number of respondents declare high deliverability rates (62% claim deliverability at 95%), low complaint ratio (69% claim complaint ratio below 0.02%) and effective delivery to major client inboxes (68%).

– Most respondents realize the importance of regular mailings (70%), personalization (58%), compelling subject line (68%), and stats analysis (61%).

– Only 42% of respondents make use of advanced segmentation strategies and create re-engagement campaigns (36%).

– Over 55% of respondents personalize their messages or follow up leads with automated campaigns; however only 39% do split tests.

Results by Size

– Companies with 0-10 employees

This segment got the weakest results in the area of segmentation (32%) and reactivation campaigns (25%). Only 41% include social sharing icons in their newsletters.

– Companies with 11-250 employees

This segment performs best against other companies in contact acquisition via Facebook (88%). However this group has the lowest percentage in delivering newsletters in all major clients inbox (66%)

– Companies with 250-500 employees

This group stands out in using advanced segmentation techniques (72%) and split tests the most (78%). They performed worst, compared to the other groups, in getting their average complaint ratio below 0.2% (only 62%).

– Companies with more than 500 employees

This group definitely stands out in collecting contacts offline, e.g. at tradeshows, stores, using paper sign-up forms (above 75%). Also almost 90% of respondents check and analyze stats on the newsletters they send.

Results By industry:

Publishing and hi-tech are the top-ranking sectors. They are the most advanced in email marketing and in using best practices in their email campaigns. The lowest-ranking are non-profit organizations.

Report Methodology

The report consists of 3 sections that analyze the results – by marketing strategy, by business size sector, and by business industry – to make scanning and comparative analysis easy. It also includes numerous graphs, presenting the findings in an easy-to-read visual format.

The study was conducted over a period of two weeks: November 14-28, 2011. The research data was provided by 600 respondents classified in 4 groups based on business unit size, and in 13 groups based on industry type.

To download, click this link:

About GetResponse

GetResponse is the world’s easiest email marketing platform, designed to increase email marketing ROI faster than any other medium for small businesses and enterprise customers. As the flagship product of Implix and a leading email marketing platform for the past 12 years, GetResponse has collaborated with major ISPs and industry associations to ensure the best in email delivery technology, achieving average 99.3% deliverability rate. GetResponse has grown to over 220,000 active users from 183 countries, delivering 10 billion permission-based emails per year. Learn more at

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