Lexity Launches First Free Real Time Analytics Service For Online Retailers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (Press Release – Feb. 15, 2012) – Lexity, formerly known as Vurve, today announced the first real time analytics application that provides online retailers with a live window into individual visitor’s shopping activity in their online store. Called Lexity Live, the free app gives online retailers the tools to help better understand their customer’s shopping patterns – what they buy, browse and ignore – and has inadvertently created a new obsession for merchants.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses with an online store, Lexity Live is available today via Lexity.com which provides simple, affordable and effective online advertising for ecommerce merchants.

“In the bricks and mortar shopping world, a store owner can understand their customers’ buying trends and merchandise interests by just watching them shop,” said Amit Kumar, CEO of Lexity. “Our new Lexity Live app enables online retailers to watch and understand their customer’s shopping patterns and ultimately help them market their wares better. The fact that some of our merchants have become a bit obsessed with their store watching validates to us that we’re providing a useful service.”

Via a simple graphical dashboard, Lexity Live enables merchants to monitor who is in their online store at that very moment, what pages they are looking at, and what items they are putting into their shopping cart, buying, or abandoning. In addition, online retailers can drill down and see every page a visitor views and even his approximate geographical location. Lexity Live is easy to use and connects to all major shopping carts including Shopify, eBay ProStores and Magento.

EarthLED Online Store: Puts Lexity Live To Work

At EarthLED, an online seller of LED replacement lightbulbs, managing director Mark Costigliola uses Lexity Live to better monitor his online store, keeping it on constantly throughout the day. In addition to watching Lexity Live to see if someone purchases or abandons the checkout, he uses it to monitor the effectiveness of marketing. For example, he posted a special promotion of light bulbs on Facebook and immediately was able to view visitors coming into his store and looking for the item he had just promoted.

“Lexity Live helps us keep a finger on the pulse of our business,” said Costigliola. “Being an ecommerce business, if you can’t see what’s going on in your store and measure it, at any given time, you really don’t know what’s going on. Have I gotten a little obsessive in how much I watch my store? Maybe, but then again since using Lexity Live I have been able to switch my marketing and promotions and have increased my business. Not all obsessions are bad ones.”

About Lexity

Lexity offers “advertising on autopilot” for small and medium-sized businesses, providing simple, affordable, and effective online advertising for ecommerce. Founded in 2009, Lexity is backed by Spark Capital, True Ventures and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups. Lexity is headquartered in Mountain View, and has a presence in Banglore, India. For more information, visit www.lexity.com, Facebook.com/goLexity and Twitter (@lxty).

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