Myths About Small Business Startup and Operation

There are plenty of myths about small business startup. No, you don’t need to tap your home equity to start your business, and small businesses probably have a better chance than ever to export products and services right alongside the big guys. What other myths of business startup and operation do you think need exposing?

Latest Trends

How to finance your startup. You don’t need to use home equity to start a small business. Though, in the past, it has been a major funding source for beginning entrepreneurs, today there are many other options you may want to consider first when raising money for your new venture. WSJ

Exporting small business success. Has your small business begun exporting? The push for increased U.S. exports is on, and small business could play a huge part. Learn more about how your small business can become a part of the revolution. Bloomberg Businessweek

Customer Service & Negotiations

Looking for the opportunity in unhappy customers. Responding to dissatisfied customers is hugely important. Though some small business owners may shrink from potential confrontation, others realize the possibilities. Z-S Knowledge Center

Negotiating tactics you should know. As a small business person sometimes with limited resources, the deals you make play a huge part in how you leverage opportunities. Check out some tips aimed at improving your skills. QuickSprout

Marketing Basics

Standing out from the crowd. Conformity isn’t a good thing, especially when marketing your own unique brand. You need to distinguish yourself and let the uniqueness of your product, service, or personality shine through. Your individuality may be your greatest asset. Firefly Coaching

The key to understanding keywords. If your marketing is primarily online, here’s another important marketing idea you should absorb. Keywords could be the key to your success, so be sure you understand how they help your blog or Website stand out. TechWalls

Calling your customers to action. If you aren’t getting the results you’re expecting from your marketing campaign, maybe you’re not being clear enough with your customers about what you want them to do. Here’s the way to get more response from your marketing by adding a call to action. CopywriteMatters

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Don’t fail to learn from failure. In small business, success is great, but don’t forget that sometimes you can learn even more from the opposite. No one likes failing, of course, but the lessons potentially learned are invaluable. What have you learned from your small business failures? Angel Business Advisers

Doing due diligence. Martin Zwilling gives us an overview of a part of startup some business owners haven’t seen. If you’re part of the angel or VC ecosystem, this is one part of the process you must understand. Startup Professionals Musings

Success Stories

Indian food service finds need to fill. Great entrepreneurship is about finding a need and filling it. Spice Cafe found their niche with doctors and other professionals from South Asia scattered across America, all missing the food they were used to back home. What opportunity can your business fill? Bloomberg

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips and success stories for small businesses! Interesting section on “learning from entrepreneurship.” Running a business is definitely a learning experience, and if there is something troubling a business owner’s dreams, like funding concerns, there are resources out there to help him/her jump over hurdles encountered along the way.

    Jana Hocker, group product manager at Intuit
    Twitter: @sbloanfinder

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