Small Business Filing Can Be Taxing

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From tax deadlines here in the U.S. to taxation internationally, small businesses all need to be informed about the rules and regulations involved. Here is an overview of what may be the least enjoyable part of running a small business. We recommend consulting a tax professional before filing your returns.


Last minute tax tips. You’ll need these recommendations while preparing your U.S. small business 2012 tax return. Time is growing short and the deadline approaches. What suggestions could you make for saving more on your small business taxes these days? Fox Small Business Center

Five sites to help with small biz taxes. Here are more resources you should consider reviewing in preparation for your small business tax filing. It’s important to get the correct information when preparing to file your small business tax return and, as stated above, be sure to contact a tax professional for advice. HeraldNet


Tax tips for the self-employed. Many small business owners in the U.S. fall into the category of being self-employed. This category includes very specific tax considerations for all who file under it. Be sure you are following the regulations when filing returns for your small business. Patch

Tax breaks and investment break to help small business. Will Washington introduce tax breaks to  aid small business? The initiative has been on the table for some time, but is now being reintroduced. Will the new plan be good for your small business? Washington Post

Tax Guides

Getting ready for small business tax season. Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell shares some important tips you’ll want to remember when preparing for this year’s tax season. Are your small business’s financial records in order? Medium Business Blog

More small business tax tips. Yet more resources for tax time come to us again as the tax season here in the U.S. approaches. These are some more tips that every  small business owner must keep in mind. What small business tips would you add to the list? KFVS Channel 12

Last Minute Thoughts

IRS offers tax center for U.S. small business. Small businesses here in the U.S. have resources at their disposal to aid with tax returns. One of the most important is provided by none other than the Internal Revenue Service.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Tax time is coming for U.S. small businesses and there are many considerations before you file. Because of the complexity of the process, be sure you don’t wait too long to collect the necessary forms and file your return. Free From Broke

International Perspective

Spanish government offers small biz tax rebate. European nations too are changing policy to boost business development and speed economic recovery. Here is a substantial package introduced in Spain offering, among other changes, small business rebates to help small business owners survive and thrive. Bloomberg Businessweek

Canadian small business filing made easy. Though it’s impossible to escape small business taxes no matter where you go, in Canada, the process has been simplified. Here are the high points from Canadian financial expert Ronika Kahn. Montreal Financial

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