Small Business News Reveals Opportunities, Challenges

A look at recent small business headlines reveals both opportunities and challenges. From new options in healthcare plans and new sources of credit, to a lull in confidence and to costs that are curbing needed hiring, small businesses face an ever changing world. What are your small business’s greatest opportunities and challenges? Check our news and resources below, then leave a comment to boost the conversation.

Costs & Capital

Co-op buying offers less expensive healthcare options. This cooperative purchasing program put in place by the Retailers Association of Massachusetts could prove a prototype for others across the nation as healthcare costs rise, creating ever bigger headaches for small business owners. The Boston Globe

UPS partnership means more small biz funding. UPS and Kabbage Inc., a provider of funding for small business, are teaming up to increase availability of low interest capital for small business growth. One focus of the new program will be directed at providing funding for e-commerce business at a time when capital for most smaller business is hard to come by. MarketWatch


Why Washington’s small business plan won’t work. One group says only sweeping tax reform lowering costs for all individuals and businesses will help small business enough to boost job creation and allow the economy to rebound. Will anyone implement it? The Heritage Foundation

The SBA is redefining U.S. small business. The definitions add more firms to the list of those that could initially take advantage of the administration’s services. But what exactly does the new definition mean and how does it affect your business? Government Executive

Opinion & Trends

Small business optimism still increasing. A assessment of the small business outlook continues to show increasing optimism for the fifth straight month. However, experts say the index is still at recession levels and lags in year to year comparisons. The Washington Post

NFIB sees lull in confidence. There’s a downside to the climb in small business optimism. The group that creates the index is worried it won’t last. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, how much are you impacted by these trends? Do you see your business growing in the next year? Accounting Today

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps it’s worth concluding this section on small business opinion and trend with this post from Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell, who looks at one quarterly poll that seems to indicate the worst is behind us. What do you see for your business. Open Forum


Mobile technology helps small businesses thrive. If you want to boost your productivity and profitability and potentially reduce costs, consider mobile technology investments to be an indispensable part of your business. Check out what a recent survey suggests about the importance of mobile technology to small business everywhere. Wireless and Mobile News

International Perspective

Global opportunities abound. Of course, the opportunities for small business growth are global, so entrepreneurs should take a global view when looking for the next venture or even for where to expand an existing business. A list of needed products and services in Dubai is only one example. Dubai Chronicle

Could small business export funding be tapped out? An extension for funding of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, a credit agency providing billions in financing and insurance guarantees for American small businesses annually, is up for renewal, and supporters say even more funding is needed to boost small business exports.

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  1. The UPS and Kabbage Inc. on the face of it sounds like a great combination especially for the ebay / online seller market.