Stop Saying That! Lost For Words in Small Business

Communications are important in any small business. Here’s a crash course in how to become a great communicator you won’t want to miss.


Trimming your business language. Learning to communicate effectively, especially when it comes to business, can be extremely important for any entrepreneur or small business person. But just as there is a best way to communicate in business, there is a worst and some words the experts feel should be left behind. Yahoo! Finance

How to work together. One of the important aspects of small business success along with communication is a sense of team work or knowing how to work together. But did you know you could build your entire business model around the idea of working together?  BizSugar Blog

Human Services

Playing well with others. Getting along and being able to work well even with those you don’t care for is important. Whether you manage others in your small business or are a solopreneur with a workforce of one, interaction will be unavoidable. Pick you strategy. Z-S Knowledge Center

Hiring the perfect employees. One of the ways to avoid a bad work environment before it can even start is to make sure you hire right when bringing people into your organization. The process can be easier than it seems. Tweak Your Biz


Communicating effectively with your Website design. In a way, the design of your small business Website can also be thought of as a form of communication between you and your customer. If you don’t learn how to carry on that communication effectively it may translate into lack of sales. ScottFox

What your landing page is saying. Think the design of something as simple as your landing page isn’t important? Think again! Like every other part of your Website, it sends a powerful message about you and your business. But what message is your landing page sending to customers? Sales Tip a Day


How to get noticed. It would be great if communicating over just one channel were effective. Unfortunately, as we all know today, it’s not. There are many ways to get your message across and “getting noticed” is about choosing the right one. Dr. Shannon Reece

Talking to humans and robots. If you want to create the content that will make your online communications effective, you will have to think of all the possible audiences. Writing for the Web may be the most important kind of communicating you can do with your business today, but learning the craft is an ongoing challenge. Todaymade

Customer Relations

Patience is a virtue…even in marketing? Marketing can be a waiting game. That’s especially true in online marketing where you may have to wait for results from your marketing efforts. Is patience a quality your small business communications possess? Idea Sprouts

Customer satisfaction. It’s the best feedback you can get from the people who buy your products or services. Why would you want any less? Make sure your customers are happy. Take pride in doing all you can for them. It’s the best way to communicate to them what their business means to you. You’re the Boss

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