3 More Ways to Qualify Marketing Help

After getting a whole bunch of Shares, Tweets and great comments on my previous post: “3 Ways to Qualify Marketing Help,” I think it’s fair to say that this topic is an important one. Clearly, it’s an issue on people’s minds. So, with that in mind, I’m continuing the topic.


I’d also like to say that while this topic is intended for small business owners seeking marketing help, I was pleased to see so many positive comments from other marketers. So, if that’s you, keep reading and maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two on ways to fine tune your current presentation.

My first three ways to qualify a marketing resource were:

1.)  Google them and see what you can find.

2.)  Check to see if they have a LinkedIn profile.

3.)  Read their website bio.

My next three ways to qualify a marketing resource are:

4.)  Find out how well they know Social Media:  Sure, everyone’s talking about Social Media. What you’ll want to find out is how involved they are with it and how effectively they’re putting it to use. But even better than asking them, do some simple online investigating. Some specific questions to answer are:

  • Do they have a great blog? If so, when was their last post? Was it interesting, current and relevant?
  • How’s their Facebook Brand Page?
  • How’s their YouTube Channel?
  • Do they Tweet and if so, what about? Are they tweeting about the bar they’re drinking at or something that reflects true marketing intelligence? You’ll find all this out pretty quickly just by logging in.

5.)  Results: Ultimately, it comes down to this, right? And, yet, how many marketing firms truly have a lot to say about it? Well, they’d better if they want to be seriously considered. So, on their website do they display great testimonials and case studies? Just a couple or a bunch? The more they show, the more you might be convinced that maybe you’ll be the next one.

6.)  The Work. This may be the most important litmus test of all because you can’t possibly consider anyone if you don’t seriously like – or better yet, love — their work. So, when you visit their site make sure you give yourself more than enough time to review and fully digest their work. It’ll be well worth the time you invest.

That covers Part 2 of this three part series. Check out the final post, “5 Final Ways to Qualify Marketing Help.”

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John Follis John Follis heads up Big Idea Video, creator of short format, high concept video that captivates and persuades prospects. According to Forbes, 76% of marketers invest in video and make it their #1 marketing strategy. John Follis honed his talents as Creative Director and Co-founder of Follis/DeVito/Verdi, one of Madison Avenue’s most successful, award winning ad agencies.

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  1. Thanks John for the follow-up post! Good old fashion “G-cred”, checking out the LinkedIn company profile, and reading up on the company bio on their website are all smart ways to measure prospective marketers to hire. It’s then great to dig a bit deeper and look further into their social media assets. Here are a few more questions for consideration: How good is their online presence? How much positive feedback they are getting, if any? Is their content/service(s) being optimized? It’s good to do some research before you pay the buck. If you are continually seeing happy customers and good word-of-mouth online, the chances are you are looking at quality marketing help!

  2. Hey Anders, Glad you got value from my post. Regarding your “more questions for consideration: How good is their online presence?”

    > That would “G-cred”…what you just referenced from my first post …

    1) Google them: This is the broadest most objective way to get the scoop on anyone. It’s a great way to get a full picture. I call it “G-cred” for Google credibility. Since the person you’re searching for is supposed to be a savvy marketing pro if their “G-cred” sucks, consider that a reason to rule them out.

    Your second suggestion “How much positive feedback they are getting, if any?” is also covered. Above. #5

    … “So, on their website do they display great testimonials and case studies? Just a couple or a bunch?”

    Regarding “Is their content/service(s) being optimized?” I suppose G-cred would address that also.

  3. Very helpful John;) Today we can google just about anything and find answers to most of our pressing questions. Also we can hang out with the right people and learn from them. There are several resources we can access for free today. We just need to take advantage. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the interesting article. Yes, small business owners can get all the marketing help they can. Social Media is the magic wand of marketing I would say. There are so many Social Media channels that can increase traffic to websites with the speed of light. Hence, it is important to know this tool and make full use out of resources that can help generate target audience.

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