Being Vocal about Going Local with Small Business

Local businesses have several appealing factors over the big guys: They pay local taxes, are visible in the community, have the advantage of knowing you personally, and often put forth initiatives that benefit the neighborhoods they’re in. This is why they’re so great! Acting like a local business as a strategy, even when you’re not, could give your business the advantage. Can this work?

Going Local

Local strategies return for business. While Sizzler USA Restaurants Inc. certainly isn’t what most would think of as a small business, the chain’s latest recovery plan takes a page from small business and local marketing. WSJ

Online business is local too. With the focus on the World Wide Web and the global reach it gives many businesses, it’s sometimes tempting to think that we’re leaving the concept of local business behind. Think again! It may be that a global world makes local business work better. Chris Brogan

More personal, more honest, more real. That’s what many people perceive as some of the innate characteristics of small business. Here are a few other natural advantages small businesses have over the rest. Duct Tape Marketing

“Popuphood”. It’s local and it’s now. Pop-up stores are here today and gone tomorrow business ventures that many view with a jaundiced eye: how can they give back to a community when they’re here for a New York minute? But here’s one approach to the pop-up phenomenon that benefits its local area. New York Times

Small Business Legislation

Legislation boosts local investment. One state legislature is looking at nurturing local business growth in a very simple way, by enabling local investment. Check out this story on a state tax credit and tell us what you think. Bowling Green Daily News

It’s about time for small business! The guys in Washington may finally be coming around to the fact that small businesses are large players in the economy, and are worth the investment. Here’s a look at some proposed legislation that may level the playing field for small business startups. Entrepreneur

Showing Your Support

Join the mob. “cash mob”, that is. This new phenomenon, a play on “flash mob”, coordinates impromptu gatherings of small business-conscious individuals, having them descend upon beloved local small business in a spending spree to show a frenzy of support. See what it’s all about. Would you like your business to be targeted by this mob? Bloomberg Businessweek

Reaping Your Success

Taking money out of your venture. You’ve invested not only sweat but also plenty of your own money into your business. Now, times are better and you’re ready to see some of it come back. (Not the sweat, just the money!) Here are some thoughts you may want to consider along the way. You’re the Boss

Doing Your Best

Keeping to your vision for the future. As entrepreneurs, we all have great ambitions, aspirations for greatness or “caviar dreams”. But how do we maintain those dreams for ourselves and our businesses while struggling with day-to-day budget concerns? Here’s some good advice. USA Today

Creating better business performance. Creating a small business that is productive should be job one. The key to a performance-driven company is usually about nurturing on the part of an entrepreneur. What are your plans for creating a high performance business. Youngentrepreneur

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  1. Going local means a lot of things, but one thing that may not be mentioned here is for all of us, including small business owners, to buy from local businesses. Yes, we small business owners, are constantly looking for guidance and help from a variety of sources, but we have a responsiblity to “walk the talk” and make a concerted effort to support local businesses by making local purchases.