Cabinet NG Enhances User Experience With CNG-WebSync

HUNTSVILLE, AL (Press Release – March 20, 2012) – Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of electronic document management and workflow management software, today announced the release of CNG-WebSync, a desktop application that integrates its CNG-SAFE document management system with third party web applications to synchronize data and manage documents from a single interface. When using other web-based applications, CNG-WebSync accelerates user productivity by accessing information from documents filed in CNG-SAFE.

Integrating with CNG-WebSync improves user efficiency by automatically retrieving documents filed in CNG-SAFE based on data presented in a third party web application such as an online CRM like By accessing a contact or account data on the Salesforce website, CNG-WebSync allows the user to open a document list for that specific contact or account. The application can also extract additional data from the third party applications and automatically create a new folder in CNG-SAFE if one does not already exist. Linking existing applications minimizes data entry error (retyping info from one application to create folders in a document management system) and improves efficiency by allowing the user to access and file documents into CNG-SAFE without leaving the third party application.

“We have been using CNG products since 2010 and Salesforce since 2009 – it’s great to finally be able to have these two systems integrated. I especially like CNG-WebSync; it’s simple, powerful and will work with other third party web-based applications,” said Carol Jeppsen Gallacher, compliance officer, Gallacher Capital Management LLC, a wealth management advisory firm. “As more and more businesses take to using the cloud, CNG-SAFE with CNG-WebSync helps extend a great document management platform to other web based applications.”

“In many cases, an online accounting solution and CRM are already in place. Document management is usually the next application to implement and as more companies use online business applications, it’s important that all of these applications can integrate and complement each other,” said Andrew Bailey, president, CNG. “We have made it very easy for businesses that embrace cloud computing and SaaS environments to integrate their web applications with CNG-SAFE. CNG is committed to bringing powerful document management capabilities to users regardless of where they are or where their data resides.”

Pricing & Availability

CNG-WebSync for CNG-SAFE is now available and priced at $495 (installed) or $50 per month (online). Visit for more information.

About Cabinet NG:

Cabinet NG (CNG)’s electronic document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient document workflows. Its user-friendly products streamline user tasks, delivering gains in office/field productivity and bottom-line savings. CNG’s intuitive workflow and scheduling supports secure collaboration with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. Advanced integration technology ensures smooth workflow and seamless connection to many existing Windows-based business applications. CNG’s industry specific configurations help businesses quickly attain a paperless office that scales with business growth. Products can be installed locally or online in a hosted SaaS configuration and used with a desktop or browser interface.

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