Do You Need a Small Business Coach?

Small business coaching helps many entrepreneurs everyday. Do you have a small business coach? Do you often get small business advice from other entrepreneurs? Here are some tips and a great way to share yours and win a prize. Enjoy!

Coaching Advice

What are your small business coaching tips? What tips can you offer to other small business owners and entrepreneurs about offering advice and feedback? Share your tips in our new business coaching contest and you could win a prize. BizSugar Blog

Tips for those really bad days. They come in every business and how you handle them is particularly important. Here are some simple tips on how to deal with days when everything goes wrong. There are still ways not to let it beat you. Small Business Bliss

Entrepreneurship Tips

Tips for growing your market. If you want to know how to get bigger buyers to consider your products, try starting with a brand awareness campaign that lets them know who you are. Your brand shouldn’t be a secret. Entrepreneur

The risks your business must face. There are probably many things you worry about as you pilot your small business. However, awesome business coach Martin Zwilling has 10 more to keep you awake at night. Startup Professionals Musings

Business Q & A

A conversation with John Jantsch. The Duct Tape Marketing guru who some might call the ultimate small business marketing coach has these thoughts in a question and answer session you won’t at to miss. Noobpreneur

How David beats Goliath. Sure, many people are familiar with the famous Bible story. However, in the business world, small startups challenge industry leaders everyday and win. Here are some examples. CNN Money

Developing Your Company

E-mail marketing still huge. If you want a great tip to boost your online marketing efforts, think e-mail marketing. What’s more, this link shares 10 important suggestions that should make your e-mail marketing work even better. TweakYourBiz

Avoiding founder’s syndrome. This affliction’s name may be misleading because ideally effective small business founders shouldn’t have it. Still, here is some advice to avoid this pitfall and save your business. Youngentrepreneur

Decision Making

Advice on which deals to take. Decisions on the deals you make in your business should always be carefully considered. For example, don’t make deals during tough times that you may regret later. Your business needs cash flow, but don’t make the wrong choices. Chris Brogan

What kind of message do you create? Decisions on the way you craft your marketing message are equally important. Here’s some advice on how to create marketing copy that works for your business. Share it with others you know. Copyblogger

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