Entrepreneurs Face Challenges, Share Resources

Small business owners and entrepreneurs face many challenges but also share many new resources. It’s an opportunity for your company to get ahead. Just watch out for pitfalls while seizing the latest opportunities.

Challenges & Tips

Entrepreneurs run risks to succeed. We’ve all burned the midnight oil and perhaps even burned the candle at both ends when necessary for our venture. But when do entrepreneurs go too far in the personal sacrifices made for business success? WSJ

What are your customers saying? In the end, this should be your yardstick. It’s hard to understand why more small business owners don’t fall back on the simple adage that serving the customer is most important. You’re the Boss

The Big Picture

Taking sales to the next level. Boosting the sales of your small business may come down to a more detailed analysis of your business and how it works. That analysis gives us a much better view of how to change everything about your venture as a way of improving performance. Small Business Marketing Strategies

Are you seeing the big picture? Entrepreneurs have many gadgets at their disposal, but sometimes a simple look at the big picture can be the best tool for any business venture. Do you take a regular look at where your business is headed? Startup Professionals Musings

Tools & Tech

The tumblr approach to marketing. Here’s an online publishing tool you don’t want to neglect when managing your online business presence. If you haven’t tried this new blogging option, why not give it a…er, tumble. Take a look. TheOneOfAKindPreneur

Tools for lead and network building. Organizing your leads and contacts from a variety of sources is a painstaking but crucial job entrepreneurs. Here are some important tools every business owner should keep in mind as a way of staying in the game. Small Business Marketing Tools

PR & Customer Loyalty

Important customer loyalty stories. Customer loyalty is hugely important and not just for big companies either. Here are some resources for you to consider when creating the relationship with you customers that will make your business soar. Matt About Business

PR tool connects you with reporters. Marketing small ventures can be a tricky business. It’s not easy to get attention for your brand in our media saturated culture where everyone and everything is clamoring our attention. Here’s a way to hook your business up with the publicity you need. Small Business Bliss

Lessons from Big Business

Lessons for small business from a towering success. Entrepreneurs of all kinds can learn something from a success story, and none are probably as great an example as Sara Blakely. Read more about entrepreneurs who have succeeded big and apply their techniques to your small business today. Small Biz Diamonds

Big business is thinking small. It’s a huge new move by big restaurants and chains, and it should be on small business owners’ radar screens. Smaller locations have long been the purview of small businesses, but no longer. Here’s the new playing field upon which your business will compete. GrowSmartBiz

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  1. This is an excellent round up! As a new blogger on tumblr I really got a lot out of, TheOneOfAKindPreneur’s article. Also, I am so honored that my Sara Blakely story made it in the round up. Thank you for noticing Small Biz Trends 🙂

  2. As always, great collection of articles! Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks Small Biz Trends for adding emarketingfreak.com to the Big Picture list. Much appreciated!