High Hopes Carry Small Business

There’s a positive, energetic mood in the small business community today. We hope you’ve felt it. Here are some links showing how that mood is being expressed, with some tips along the way. We hope they’ll help brighten your small business too.

Where We’re Headed

Small business optimism hits four year high. Sure there are challenges still looming, but small business owners are hopeful for the future, as this report clearly shows. How are you feeling about your small business? What gives you hope to carry on? WSJ

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s not surprising that this happens even in business. But what’s important, says one source, is that businesses move quickly to correct those mistakes and to keep striving to be better. So, run your business, warts and all. Small Business Trends

Tips for Transformation

Using humor in branding can set you apart. Don’t be afraid to show a sense of humor in your business, even when marketing to your customers. Here’s a look at how tickling the funny bone can pay off big. Noobpreneur

Tips for keeping your business blog healthy. One popular business blogger describes her routine and techniques for keeping her Website running smoothly. If you have a business blog as part of your small business operation, we suggest you have a look at this routine to see where it will work for you. Basic Blog Tips

Advice for Entrepreneurs

The problem with online advertising revenue. One startup adviser keeps it real with a look at the realities of advertising revenue in the early days of an online startup. This may not be the revenue stream for you to count on. Startup Professionals Musings

Becoming an expert in your field. Becoming an expert in your market can be an important part of building your niche business, but remember that establishing expertise takes time and effort. Here are some steps you will need to consider on your path. Naaree.com

Investing Where It Counts

Does your business have personality? Don’t be afraid to let it shine through! That personality may be a key in distinguishing your company from all others. Who are you? Who is your business? What makes you special? E-Marketing

Squash customer complaints…with understanding. You’ve probably heard the expression about not judging someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Try this approach with customer service and you will be amazed by the results. Inc.com

Better Business Choices

Don’t let your sales efforts fall short. Failing at sales in your business may not be about luck, having the right product, or targeting the right audience alone. Here are some tips on making the sales your business needs. Tweak Your Biz

The danger of shortsightedness in your business. Choosing the short term fix over long term goals that may be harder to implement and take longer to produce results can be a problem in any business. Where are your strategies headed? Respectfully Disobedient

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