Important Questions Can Define Your Small Business

Sometimes starting and running a successful small business has to do with constantly asking the right questions. In this post, we decided to share some important examples to get you started. Think we missed one? Share it in the comment section below.

Key Considerations

How does your product or service stand out? Sure it’s important to do some marketing, but your business also needs to gain attention on it’s own merit. Get dressed up in a silly outfit, if you must, but also remember a quality product or service is most important. WSJ

How can you avoid these seven tech blunders? You wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last, but as you build your business remember, technology will almost certainly be an important tool. Don’t let it be a liability as well.

Startup & Growth

Are you getting lost in the details of start-up? You know what we’re talking about, of course. There are a million details to launching any small business. But getting mired in the little stuff can stall your forward motion. Small Business Trends

Do you have a customer referral program that works? The key to success for your small business in the early days will be referrals from satisfied customers. Keeping this in mind, how easy have you made it for your fans to spread the word? Black Dog Education

Communications Basics

Is your blog achieving the right results? There are plenty of ways a blog can help your business. Heck, sometimes your blog is the business. But don’t give into the hype about making huge revenues from blogging. Here’s the reality. Marketing Professor

How do you publish your eBook to Kindle? It may become as influential as publishing a blog. Creating eBook content gives you another important opportunity to get your message out there. Here’s a step by step guide. Copyblogger

Support & Operations

How can you make it easy to accept credit cards? We all know it’s an important part of doing business these days. Accepting credit cards makes things easier for your customers, but how can you avoid all the hassle connected with the process? Bloomberg Businessweek

What key information must you protect? Your business information is your business these days. That’s the case, whether you run your business from a laptop in an isolated corner or from a downtown business suite. Extreme John

Final Tips

What important tax tips can help your business? There are plenty of tax tips out there this time of year, but we picked some that tackle the mistaken perceptions many small business folks have about filing their returns. Tire Review

How can you train a social media marketer? You know the importance of social media to your business, but you may not have time to handle that detail yourself. Here are some ideas for training someone else to handle your social media marketing. Social Media Examiner

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