KnowHowMart Makes It Easy For Freelancers & Businesses To Beat The Recession

London, UK (Press Release – March 6, 2012) – KnowHowMart is a brand new, simple and recession-friendly tool that lets skilled professionals and entrepreneurs sell their expertise for £50 per hour or more, and SMEs buy the high quality skills they need on a no risk, pay-as-you-go basis. Imagine an SME needs to decide whether to enter a new market. The best knowledge is from people who have done it before. KnowHowMart enables users to have a phone conversation right now with an expert who has done exactly what they are seeking to do. This site’s network of global experts also offer tailored expertise on commercial, financial, legal, sales, marketing, technical and HR issues across a wide range of industries.

How it works: sellers register for free in less than a minute by syncing their KHM and LinkedIn profiles. After describing the type of help they can provide and their ideal hourly rate, they’re ready to start making money. Businesses looking for help can post their requirements on the site, also for free. The site’s experts then bid on it, making it easy for the buyer to choose the person that will bring the best expertise at the right price. When they’ve made their choice, the buyer pays the agreed fee into KnowHowMart’s escrow service, and the site arranges a teleconference between the two. When the buyer confirms they’re happy with the results, the seller receives their money, minus a small amount of commission that goes to KnowHowMart.

Rupe Mann, KnowHowMart co-founder, says, “We’ve been really impressed with the uptake so far. Listings currently include a request for an HR expert to advise on updating a company handbook, a 10-hour project paying £100 an hour for an accountant who understands cross border issues, and a request to amend Articles of Association for a property company. The site’s also a great tool for young businesses who want to pick the brains of someone who’s done it before. It’d almost be impossible to quickly find expertise like that without KnowHowMart.”

To find out more or arrange an interview with Rupe Mann, KnowHowMart’s co-founder, call +44 (0) 844 504 8080 or email

About KnowHowMart

KnowHowMart is a brand new web platform that connects buyers and sellers of professional expertise in commercial, financial, legal, sales, marketing, technical and HR issues across a wide range of industries.

It’s free to create a profile or list a requirement on the site. KnowHowMart take an average 10% commission on projects that are completed to the buyer’s standards.


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  1. Somehow, this company (KnowHowMart) got a copy of my resume and scraped my image from Linkedin and posted all my information PUBLICLY on the Internet! As you can imagine, this is causing quite a problem with my current employer and a privacy violation that I can’t imagine is legal in any country let alone in the US or UK.

    I believe that they posted a “fake” job listing on Linkedin and used my submission (access to my linkedin information – picture, cell phone, emails, paypal account and resume). They are posting it publicly now. I have contacted them and asked them to cancel the account since when I goto the site and login – it does not allow me to change anything nor can I cancel. There is NO phone number or contact information other than an info email…which bounces This is sketchy.

    Please act quickly as this is likely happening to many executives who use Linkedin.

    • Hi Anthony, I am sorry to hear of your experience with this company, KnowHowMart.

      This is a press release and by printing it we are by no means condoning violations of privacy or any of their business practices. We are simply distributing the press release.

      – Anita Campbell, Publisher of Small Business Trends

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