SingleHop Redesigns Its Reseller Hosting Program To Feature Cloud And Shared Hosting

Chicago IL (Press Release – February 29, 2012) – SingleHop, Inc., a leader in highly automated Infrastructure-as-a-Service, today announced a complete redesign of its Tandem Reseller Hosting program. In addition to the redesign, the company also launched cloud hosting and shared hosting capabilities within the program. Tandem customers are able to leverage SingleHop’s size, experience, and advanced web hosting platform as their own with complete white label automation. “We want our hosting resellers to look like industry veterans and enterprise level service providers to their clients by utilizing our data center infrastructure,” said Dan Ushman, Chief Marketing Officer.

New Tandem Features:

  • Cloud Hosting – Ability to sell instances on SingleHop’s Public Cloud or build a Private Cloud
  • Rapid Deployment – All virtual machines are deployed in 15 minutes
  • Shared Hosting – Includes free cPanel, WHM, and supports up to 20 customer accounts
  • Complete White Label Automation – Customers’ site and control panel feature their brand
  • Free Tutorials – SingleHop stress engagement throughout the entire process

SingleHop has always offered dedicated hosting products to its resellers, but has now tripled its offerings with the additions of cloud and shared hosting. Current and new customers will have the option of using one or all of the hosting platforms while also having access to an aggressively tiered server discount incentive program. “As our product line continues to grow, so does each and every on of our resellers’. It is in our best interest to help cultivate each relationship within our Tandem Reseller Program. After all, if their business grows, our business grows,” said Zak Boka, Chief Executive Officer.

“SingleHop lets us offer the same features that companies 10 times our size can with Tandem. That helps us grow.”

– Charles Wood, Nexeon Technologies, Inc.

An internal team structured approach assigns a dedicated account team to each customer. This 1-on-1 relationship is another added value component of the program. “We want our Tandem clients to feel more like business partners rather than clients. Our goal with Tandem is to level the playing field for smaller companies to compete with their larger competitors,” said Ushman.

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop is a dedicated and cloud hosting provider that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-users and resellers primarily under monthly contracts. With clients in 114 countries, two Chicago-area data centers, and over 10,000 servers online, SingleHop delivers state-of-the-art hardware, server management customization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. While combining security and convenience to provide solutions for a wide range of enterprises, SingleHop remains an industry leader in providing customers with automatic server deployment, remote management, and accessibility using a variety of personal devices.

SingleHop was established in 2006 and makes its home in Chicago, IL. In 2011, the company was named #25 on the Inc. 500 list for the fastest growing companies in America, a significant leap from #58 the previous year.

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