Small Business Opportunities Spring From Unexpected Sources

Where do the best small business opportunities come from? Who knows! Maybe it’s best to answer the question by saying they come from unexpected sources.

Great Expectations

When big business looks to small business. It’s true that sometimes big companies ship overseas, but another trend is emerging, one that entrepreneurs should examine. Big business may be looking to buy from domestic small businesses too. Bloomberg Businessweek

Hottest startup in town. Not every hot startup idea is in the field of cutting edge technology, it turns out. Recent numbers demonstrate one market especially is showing promise. Can you guess the market suddenly revealing big opportunities for entrepreneurs? WSJ

Operation Daily

Small business promotion advice. When it’s time to promote someone at your organization, who do you look for? Perhaps it shouldn’t be your top performer. Here is another look at a tough decision. Small Business Trends

Creating a small business bank account online. If your small business has never opened an account online, here are some guidelines that will apply to most. Online banking is the trend. Here are some tips to make it work for you.

Better Business

The part-time entrepreneur. One big question out there among small business owners is how to start and successfully operate a small business while supporting a family and holding down a full-time job. Smart Business Guide

Use fun Holidays to build your brand. It doesn’t matter whether the day you celebrate, April Fool’s Day for example, is a day offering zero opportunity for sales growth. There are some unique chances here in terms of promoting your business.

Setting Course

Taking control of the future. Sometimes even the best entrepreneurs need help plotting a new direction. Here are 22 ways to help you chart a course toward the place your small business should be in the future. FixCourse

Staying close to your roots? Is this ultimately a good idea or a bad one? It’s a particularly good question if you’re trying to make a decision for the future of your business. bizCompare

Building Momentum

Continue outreach despite sales. A down tick in sales should never affect the degree to which you are getting your business in front of prospective customers. Marketing efforts must continue even in tough times. Here are some tips about what works best. NCTechNews

Is it time for your business to outsource? You’ve heard enough about outsourcing we’re sure. It can be an important step for small businesses, helping to save time and add efficiency. But how do you know when it’s time to outsource in your business?

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