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Using Web Analytics to Grow Your Affiliate Program #AMDays

Editor’s Note: This is our second in a series of live blogging coverage from the Affiliate Management Days conference. There will be several articles during this event covering topics of interest to businesses running affiliate programs. More coverage of #AMDays.

Kevin Webster AMDays

This is live blogging of the session “Using Web Analytics to Grow Your Affiliate Program.” This covers remarks during the session featuring speaker Kevin Webster (pictured left), Internet Marketing Manager at Forbes Custom Products, a direct source for custom information packaging products and documentation presentation solutions.

In this session, Kevin Webster highlighted a few great points on how to use analytics and key performance indicators to enhance your affiliate marketing program.

This session covered: 

Major take aways:

1. Why it’s important

2. What’s at Stake

Loss of proper channel value:

A foot in the door:

Basis for a growth strategy:

3. A Basis for Channel Growth

What is your affiliate traffic really doing?

How do you take it back to affiliates?

4. What am I Looking For?



Segmenting Affiliates:

5. Know How to Grow

Recommended analytics tracking tools:

In conclusion, the purpose of analytics is to grow your program performance while fostering better relationships with your valued affiliate partners.  To Contact Kevin Webster, check out KevinWebster.us, Forbes Products [6] or follow him on Twitter @levelanalytics.