What Website Visitors Need From You

Your website strategy boils down to figuring out what your current and potential customers want online and then meeting that desire. As more small businesses continue to launch or upgrade their Web presence, we’ll have to learn a few things in order to maximize that digital migration.


Think about it, you would never sling open your business doors without preparing the inside and the team. You have to prepare your website as well and that starts with understanding what your current and potential clients want from you online and then giving it to them.

In “6 Techniques to Improve Customer Experience,” Ivana Taylor says to:

“Look at your website and make sure that you are talking to your customer specifically.”

Ultimately, your Web design is not about your favorite things. It’s about clearly and simply relaying a message the connects with your visitors in 2 seconds or less.  Your visitors what to know:

  1. What you have.
  2. What you can do for them.
  3. Who you are.
  4. That they can trust you and your message.

Think Different About Your Marketing

Today’s shoppers conduct serious online research and with all the apps available for smartphones, they can and will start that research while standing in your store.  It’s a digital world.  And if you’re in business, then you need a smart website of your own.

Keep in mind, smart and fancy are not the same thing.  Susan Reid in “5 Old-school Rules You Can Break When Starting Up,” says:

“A fancy website is all well and good, (but) most new entrepreneurs don’t need a high-end e-commerce site . . . depending on the kind of business you’re starting up, it’s entirely possible to create an online presence with just a simple blog.”

You can start small and smart and grow and upgrade your website organically. Just be sure to create a self hosted blog that sits on your own domain or looks like it does. The serious business owner should avoid the those co-cobranded sites like www.yoursite.tumblr.com, www.yoursite.blogspot.com, etc. They have their place in your website strategy, but not as your primary digital home.  You main Web presence needs to sit on your own domain.  When it comes to your website Ivana says:

“Make sure your visitor clearly knows and understands what the site is about in a matter of seconds.”

You can check her other 6 tips in 7 Must-Have B2B Web Design Elements of 2012.  In the meantime: Make it easy. Make it simple. Make it clear.

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Jamillah Warner Jamillah Warner (Ms.J), a poet with a passion for business, is a Georgia-based writer and speaker and the Marketing Coordinator at Nobuko Solutions. She also provides marketing and communication quick tips in her getCLEAR! MicroNewsletter.

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  1. Well put Jamillah;) We heard it many times that first impressions last. Simple and clear websites can create that first right impression. Also, our website is our customers’ initial point of contact, so we should make sure that we are clearly and simply relaying the message through our website. All the best. Following you on Twitter.

  2. Very well-said, thank you. Often the domain name itself defines the credibility of the site owner. Hence, it is important to sound intelligent throughout your content and design. First impression is the last impression when it comes to online marketing. We want to give consumers a sense of belonging the very first time they enter the site.

  3. Mike the Gardener

    Ivana’s quote of “Make sure your visitor clearly knows and understands what the site is about in a matter of seconds.” hits the nail right on the head. As soon as you go to a website you literally have 10 seconds to tell the user what you are all about. If your website is cluttered, they leave and quickly (unless of course you are a big corporation etc.). We found this out the hard way and did a complete redesign of our website.

  4. Thanks for the great tips! We try our best to keep things consistent and user friendly.

  5. Great article! too many business focus on the splash and fancy items, yea they look good but if your customers cannot find out the information they are looking for they will certainly be on the back button in no time!

    • It can feel like a quick fix — create a pretty site and they will come — It takes a lot more effort to build a website around a well-planned marketing strategy and to create something that your audience wants to return to. That’s the real work.

      Isn’t it easier to get caught up in the “splash and fancy items (well said)?”

  6. A clean website, with well written/interesting content and intuitive site navigation will do me. Anything extra, is just extra. I’m OK with just the basics.

    • Jamillah Warner (MsJ)

      So true, the basics will definitely get you there.

      • Really doesn’t take much to impress/please me when it comes to a site. Keep the design minimal, let me be able to find my way around instinctively, and put some life into your content and we’re good.