Women’s Day Shows More Success in Small Business, Entrepreneurship

We’re celebrating women entrepreneurs today in recognition of International Women’s Day. We hope you will enjoy the links and share any thoughts of your own about women in business in the comment section below.

Rock On

How women rock the business world. With International Women’s Day upon us, it seems only appropriate to to begin our roundup with a list of great women shaping small business today. Do you have any names to add? Please share them in the comment section below. Small Business Trends

A source of good advice. Who inspires your small business venture? Here’s a list of questions answered by women with positions of leadership in the small business community. We hope you will find their responses helpful when building your business. Duct Tape Marketing

New Day Dawning

Women entrepreneurs who inspire. Women entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with the world over. Here is a list of impressive candidates to be added to the list from the Australian business community. Are any of these Aussie entrepreneurs among your business heroes? Business Builders

Why women entrepreneurs must be encouraged. Do you think that creating opportunity for women entrepreneurs and small business leaders is an issue for women alone? Your wrong. Take a look at how efforts that encourage women’s success in business help everyone. Project Syndicate

Come Together

Women you’d like to be friends with. One female entrepreneur creates a niche by filling an important need for women of the business world. Women in small business and entrepreneurship experience similar needs, no doubt. A look at ClaudiaChan.com gives you some idea about how that need can be met. Forbes

How to steer progress. Despite the progress in countries like Rwanda where they have been given unprecedented access to decision making in recent years, women still lag behind in the ability to gain a foothold in business leadership. What is this about and how can it change? AllAfrica

A League of Their Own

The best argument for gender equality. The best argument for more women entrepreneurs and small business leaders may be the same as this article’s argument for more women in the workplace. Would you agree? How will the presence of more women in business benefit everyone? The Express Tribune

Focused on flexibility. Women entrepreneurs may focus on owning a small business for fundamentally different reasons than the rest of us do. If you wonder why women venture into business ownership, here is a look at the possibilities. Fresh Business Thinking

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Waves of change. From surfing to building the latest business success story, there is much for women to be proud of. Here’s a look at that change from another perspective. How do you view the role of women in small business and entrepreneurship today. Huffington Post

China leads in business success for women. The nation has not only proved itself a power house for industry but for women in business too. So, it can be said that a substantial part of China’s business success is owed to women entrepreneurs. Guardian

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