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5 Small Business Lessons From Mad Men

The TV series Mad Men on AMC [1] came to my attention very late, season four had ended. The series piqued my attention when a friend mentioned that it was a series on Madison Avenue and the advertising business in the 1960’s.

retro couple

It’s definitely is not an educational series, in fact you could write a long list of things to unlearn from watching. I like to take any educational value I can get from content that I consume and as I got caught up on all four seasons of Mad Men on Netflix, I began to see some lessons that would be useful for business owners from the series:

Do you agree with my take ways while watching Mad Men?  Or do you feel I should just watch and enjoy the series and not worry about any business lessons that may or may not be derived from it?

Retro Couple [2] Photo via Shutterstock