Everybody Claims to Represent Small Business This Election Year

Hey, we know the small business community is diverse, that small business owners all hold very different viewpoints and come from very different perspectives. That’s why it’s amazing how many people try to speak for us come election time. Below are just some of the examples. But just as small business owners do in our own companies, we’ll think for ourselves, thank you very much! What do you think?

Campaign Season

Has the Small Business Administration helped you? The SBA is putting together a video contest for National Small Business Week May 20 through May 26. The video is designed to show the ingenuity of American small business (as well as highlight the help the current administration has offered small business.) The White House Blog

What the other candidate did for one small business. Before the current U.S. President takes too much credit, just look what his Republican opponent Mitt Romney did for one small town business when his inadvertent diss brought customers out in support. Huffington Post

Don’t forget, the House of Representatives loves us too. So much so, in fact that the current political majority passed a $46 billion small business tax cut. The bill is intended to help entrepreneurs deduct 20 percent of their income. (Of course, opponents say it’s only for rich people.) ABC News

Energy Policy

Small business’s opinion on renewable energy and clean air standards? This survey claims to speak for U.S. small business generally when it comes to opinions on clean energy, including more government spending. Do they speak for you too? Small Business Majority

Heath Care Debate

Small business owners against health care? If your political concerns as a small business owners are pretty much confined to the federal Health Insurance Tax scheduled to take effect by 2014 (and specifically on how to stop it), there’s even a group just for you. Stop the Hit

Some options for replacing the current health care law. But don’t get the idea small business groups want to simply do away with the idea of health care reform. Some just want to do it differently. Consider this list of alternatives from one group in particular. NFIB

Or is health care reform a good idea? Another voice insists far from causing the disaster some claim, the Affordable Care Act will actually level the playing field for small business owners who now pay more to insure their employees. One caveat. He works for the government. 🙂  Rochester Business Journal

Other Voices

The NASE has a boat load of issues. And they’re issues they believe every small business owner should be concerned about…if, of course, you happen to be a self-employed business of one. The self-employed make up a large swath of the U.S. economy these days, and NASE wants you to know they’ve got your back. National Association for the Self-Employed

Want someone to tell you how to vote? A national small business advocacy group releases a list of pro-small business candidates each election cycle and launches ad campaigns to support them. Above is a link to a PowerPoint telling a bit more about who the group is and what they’re about. Trust in Small Business

Giving others a voice. Here’s a video created recently by another group of small business leaders seeking to give their members a voice. With various groups claiming to speak for small businesses this election year, the number of messages can be overwhelming. Asian American Small Business PAC

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    I think it is hard to find a small business advocate at the moment. Maybe Jim Blasingame of the SmallBusinessAdvocate.com could give us a tip? 😉

    I recently wrote on this issue in my post, Book by Tea Party Patriots.