Small Business in a Tizzy Over Big Google Changes?

The latest Google shakeup, called the Penguin update, has some online small business owners scratching their heads. The purpose, experts say, is to punish over-optimization, but what does the change really mean in practice and what specifically does it mean for your business? Don’t panic! We’ve rounded up some of the best resources on the Web to help you understand things better.

Inside Penguin

From the horse’s mouth. Want to know what’s really behind the new changes at Google? Why not start with a post from Google’s Matt Cutts about what’s going on from the search engine’s perspective. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Overview of the latest update. So, what is the latest Google update all about? What does it mean, why do you need to be concerned about it and what will it ultimately mean to you? Read a detailed look at the changes in store. Business2Community

Google Penalties

A look inside the change. What exactly is Google trying to do with its new upgrade? While some insist the search engine is simply enforcing rules it has had in place for many years, some say it is rewarding and punishing indiscriminately. Search Engine Watch

Optimization smoptimization! Here’s another look inside the Penguin update and a better idea of exactly what Google intends to accomplish with it. In terms of making sure your website conforms to the rules, we suggest a perusal of the basics. TechWorld

For Better or Worse

The proof is in the pudding. Google says it instigated its latest upgrade to improve its search results, but what does the record show? Has Google search really improved and has your Website been fairly treated? Search Engine Land

Three percent of Webpages affected. Is your Website among them? The new Google algorithm is designed to punish the worst of the worst. Have small business Websites been punished in the process? Search Engine Rountable

Final Analysis

Not all it’s cracked up to be. Google claims it introduced its latest update in response to users who wanted a better overall search engine experience. The question is whether anyone feels Google has really delivered. WebProNews

Unnatural links? Have you received unnatural link notices for your Websites? If so you could be only weeks away from experiencing a significant downgrade from Google. Consultant Patrick Altoft explains the phenomena. Branded 3

Gaining Perspective

Another look at Google ranking basics. To better understand what Google is doing with its new update, it’s helpful to again review how the search engine ranks content value in the first place. Video by Matt Cutts gives another briefing. WebProNews

Consider the alternatives. Though you certainly can’t ignore the planet’s biggest search engine, it’s also not the only game in town. Here are some other contenders to remember, which are slowly making their impact felt in the world of search. Small Business Trends

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