Technology Boosts Small Business Efforts

Technology Boosts Small Business Efforts

Technology lets small businesses compete. It levels the playing field. In today’s small business round up, we look at the tech tools available to you.

Social Media

Big events draw huge Twitter audience. If you want to know where all the tweeting is happening, big sporting events are always a good bet. Are there ways you could leverage this audience for your marketing efforts?

Why massive marketing may not equal engagement. Consistency in marketing is often more important than the size of your campaign. This may especially be the case with social media, so plan your efforts accordingly.  Channelship

Alternative Workspace

No need to go to the office. Technology is fueling a wide variety of alternative workspace options. How do you work best and what alternative workspace option will work best for you? MarketWatch

Barcode Magic

Quirky QR codes show breadth of technology. You might never dream of using QR codes for marketing in any of these ways, but if you want to start thinking creatively about the use of this technology for your business, check out these videos. PC&Tech Authority

How do barcodes work for small business? The infographic below looks at how barcode readers works and the technology can boost efficiency for any small business. (Be sure to scroll down to catch the rest of our wrap up underneath.) Buzz Small Business Magazine

how barcodes work



On the Web

Getting that perfect domain name. How important is getting the perfect domain name to your online marketing efforts? Should you invest big for that choice name and how much difference will it really make in your business? You’re the Boss

Unleashing the power of content curation. If you want to know the best way to create hubs on the Web these days, content creation may not be it. How can online entrepreneurs use content curation to their advantage? Fast Company

Video & Mobile

Unexpected benefits of video marketing. Yep, SEO is definitely a big reason that using online video will help your business. But it turns out there are a lot of other reasons why video is a good idea. Reel SEO

Simple resources for mobile app development. How brilliant do you need to be to develop a mobile app for your business? Numerous resources offer the opportunity to get a simple small business app up and running. ZDNet

More Technology Benefits

Increase efficiency with small business tech. Technology has the potential not only to aid your marketing and boost your revenue but to improve your company’s efficiency as well. Here are some tools that may help you. Smallbiz Technology

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  1. SMB DigitalScape data suggests that the majority of SMB websites are severely compromised in terms of being ready for web 2.0. For instance – more than 90% of SMB websites will not render successfully on a mobile device.

  2. Another great round up. I completely agree with the post about consistently marketing yourself rather than massively marketing yourself. I have seen the greatest engagement from my audience from consistently tweeting and interacting with my audience on twitter then from one huge contest or other gimmick. Thanks for the post.

  3. I found the articles on the barcodes extermely informative. I didn’t realize there are so many purposes and ways to track stock and spending.

  4. Absolutely agree with the point about cloud computing and efficiency in the “More Technology Benefits” section of this post. The notion that small businesses have to ‘do it yourself’ is being swiftly replaced by a pragmatic understanding that there are simply some jobs that are best left to the experts, and cloud-delivered e-mail, Web and end-point security as well as storage and backup are a good place to start. Also, that’s a pretty sharp infographic.

    Chris Halcon