Tips Offered On Building Your Business From Scratch

Starting a small business presents huge challenges, but many who’ve succeeded believe it’s worth all the struggle. Here are some tips we hope will help you as you build a new business. Do you have any suggestions to share with other entrepreneurs starting out?

Starting Up

Creating your dream business. Take a look at the story of one couple who has built a multimillion dollar business out of a game they once played with their kids and a $100 investment. It took courage and lots of hard work, but now listen to these entrepreneurs talk about what small business ownership means to them. Yahoo! News

Buying a franchise remains an option. One business adviser says this remains a good route for baby boomers looking for an option beyond the workaday world. If this is something you’ve thought of, read on! The Executive Suite Blog

Learning the Ropes

Master your business credit early. Start building your small business credit from day one. Creating great small business credit to fuel early success takes time and effort, but managing your business credit will pay long range dividends in the future. Small Business Trends

How the law applies to you. Know the law applying to your small business. This remains one of the most important lessons you can learn as an entrepreneur. Take this tax cut passed recently in the U.S. applying to some, but not all small businesses. Could it apply to you? WSJ

Assessing Resources

Know what you’re really worth. Before the sharks start circling, know what your business is really worth. This presents a special challenge for some small business startups and even successful operating small businesses, as this cookie chain operator discovered while swimming in the Shark Tank. Entrepreneur

Got support? No entrepreneur is an island and so, while the phrase “self-made” is often bandied about, the realities are often quite different. Do you have the necessary support system, both personally and financially, to endure the trials ahead? Personal Dividends

Important Tips

Some ideas on hiring. When it’s time to start hiring for your small business, you may need some advice on bringing the right people together with the right opportunities. Here are some unconventional suggestions that may help in your efforts.

Why your business needs blogging. Yes, we know! You’ve heard it all before. But seriously, building your business through blogs is becoming even more important these days. Are you using blogging to boost your company? Tweak Your Biz

Developing Skills

How mastering payroll pays. If you have an operation larger than a one person venture or perhaps a mom and pop business with owners draw, or, if you plan to eventually grow your business larger, then mastering payroll is an absolute necessity. Shoebooks Blog

Learning from employees. For smart entrepreneurs, communication is not a one way street. Great leaders learn from those they lead too. Are you tapping into what your employees can teach you? Partners in Excellence

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