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Yuuguu Boosts Screen Sharing Quality And Performance

Manchester, UK (Press Release – March 26, 2012) – Yuuguu, the group screen sharing and web conferencing vendor, has announced a range of new features designed to make online meetings faster with improved image quality.

Since 2007, the Yuuguu team has built simple to use, reliable and cost effective screen sharing and online meeting software for SMEs, large enterprises and freelancers.

Ease of use and speed are at the heart of everything Yuuguu does – with only three clicks, a Yuuguu user can setup and run a screen sharing session for up to 30 participants.

The company has now added a range of useful features in the latest major update:

Faster, higher quality, easier to use

Yuuguu is available for screen sharing with up to 30 participants and requires no installation for online meeting attendees who can participate via web browser. Yuuguu can be used on Linux, Mac and PC.

The company has a growing client base including businesses that collaborate to manage projects or share ideas. Yuuguu is used across many industries and users chose the services because it offers a reliable, high-quality, user-friendly and affordable screen sharing service.

From £15 per month or £69 per year per user, Yuuguu’s pricing is highly competitive for the feature set. Yuuguu is free for viewers and not covered in adverts.

Anish Kapoor, CEO of Yuuguu: “Our customers want a better experience for the viewer, so we have focused on improving quality and speed and increasingly accessibility, which are all key factors whether using screen sharing software on an ad-hoc or regular basis. The clarity and resolution of Yuuguu shared screens is especially important in presentations where a product is sold on looks. As well as quality, we’ve worked to banish lag and provide the same level of clarity, detail and speed of presentation to viewers using a PC, Mac, Linux computer, iPad or iPhone.”

For a free trial, visit: https://www.yuuguu.com/

To buy Yuuguu, visit: http://www.yuuguu.com/pricing/web-conferencing.

About Yuuguu

Yuuguu, named after the Japanese word for fusion, was founded by entrepreneurs Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted in 2007 after they became frustrated by working together remotely and not being able to see and share each other’s computer screens in real time.

Yuuguu has been serving companies and individual users with its screen sharing and web conferencing software since 2007.

Yuuguu is simple to use, needs no download for participants, is multi-platform and is perfect for both scheduled and ad-hoc meetings.