As U.S. Small Biz Week Arrives, Are You Stressed or Optimistic?

With the arrival of National Small Business Week here in the U.S., a variety of events, beginning yesterday, have been scheduled in Washington D.C. and across the country to recognize the importance of small business to the U.S. economy and to address topics important to small business owners. Just in time, a semi-annual study of American small businesses shows those business owners to be stressed but optimistic. Check out the schedule of national events and hear what leaders and small business owners are saying about issues most important to small business today.

Special Week for Small Business

Obama holds small business roundtable. Ahead of this week’s small business events, the President called a round table proposing a 20% tax credit for businesses returning overseas jobs to the U.S., a 10% income tax credit for creating new jobs or increasing wages in 2012, and to extend 100% expensing for all businesses throughout year’s end. Fox Small Business Center

Small firms in the U.S. are 28 million strong. That’s the figure used by Karen Mills, administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration in her blog kicking off National Small Business Week on Sunday. Check out the full post for a list of events during the week of interest to small business owners.

Are Your Stressed or Optimistic?

Owners stressed but optimistic. Released just in time for this week’s event, an inaugural semi-annual Small Business Owner Report from Bank of America looks at the concerns, aspirations and perspectives of small business owners. It suggests small businesses cause owners three times as much stress as raising a child but more than half remain optimistic about their business’s future. Yahoo! Finance

Thinking About SMBs

What you need to know about Washington. As credit unions push for permission to increase the financing they are permitted to offer small business owners, Credit Union National Association CEO Bill Cheney wants to share some information he feels small business owners ought to know about their government and about what is necessary for a climate more supportive of small businesses. Huffington Post

The smallest of the small matter too. When looking at the companies that are most important during National Small Business Week, it’s important to remember the huge impact of some of America’s smallest businesses. Consider, suggests columnist Rhonda Abrams, that today 27 million are employed by companies with fewer than 20 employees. USA Today

Self-Development Tips

Why entrepreneurs can’t afford a victim mentality. An important tip for small business owners when dealing with stress, is to avoid a victim mentality. Don’t focus on your set backs. Instead, blogger Martin Zwilling of Startup Professionals Inc. suggests steps for overcoming obstacles with optimism and a sense of purpose. Startup Professionals Musings

A guide to handling unhappiness during stressful times. Stress created by business pressures is perfectly understandable, but the solution to remove some of that stress and return to a happy state may be easier than you think, writes blogger Amanda DiSilvestro. She suggests three simple steps designed to help anyone return to a better sense of balance. Self-Help Happiness Blog

Bids for a Better Market

It’s time to find your customers. One of the issues likely to be discussed often during National Small Business Week is the tough economy, something all small businesses are facing. But in this post, Tom Ewer suggests entrepreneurs can’t wait for customers to come to them.

How small businesses can conquer the world. While small to medium sized firms face their share of problems, they also enjoy a number of opportunities. The days when competing on a global level was limited to big corporations are gone, says blogger Adam Gottlieb. Researching the challenges facing you when entering a foreign market is an important first step. The Frugal Entrepreneur

Fostering a culture of creativity. Keeping your company creative is one way to avoid stress and boost optimism. Some of the ways to build a creative culture at your company include team diversity, true encouragement of new ideas from management, and a supportive environment. These elements can help your business not only survive but thrive. Small Business Bonfire

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