Demand for Video Among Small Businesses Continues to Grow

Small businesses continue to jump on the video bandwagon. We’ll look at the trends for video marketing, examine the opportunities your small business has to shine with online video, and offer some tips and ideas you might consider to get started with video today. Read on:

YouTube Opportunities

Top small business uses of video. Video offers small businesses an inexpensive way to reach an ever larger audience. One post looks at the opportunity for video marketing, particularly on the popular video sharing site YouTube. What video message could you share? Startup Smart

YouTube offers a new element to the AdSense mix. At the end of April, YouTube announced the opportunity to buy video ads on the popular video sharing site, similar to the way AdSense ads have traditionally been sold. YouTube seems certain the new opportunity will appeal to small businesses. What do you think? The New York Times

Online Video Success

Seeding and the future of video marketing. If the future of marketing is indeed online video, Josh Warner can be regarded as a prophet. Small businesses may have the edge in a field where the key component is simply creativity. How can you make your small business message go viral? ReelSeo

Stats You Should Know

Other businesses are spending. Are you? Recent statistics suggest that video continues to be the fastest growing online ad format. Many businesses clearly understand the huge opportunities offered by this format. How will your business compete? eMarketer

The future of display advertising. Not too surprisingly, two years ago Google predicted that by 2015, “50 percent of ad campaigns will include video ads bought on a cost-per-view basis.” Will your business’s ads be among them? Google Blog

The Future of Marketing

Small businesses should tap into video consumption. The increase in curated video consumption offers a huge opportunity for small businesses. What are you doing to prepare for this trend and to position your small business to succeed? StreetFight Inside the Business of Hyperlocal

Addressing myths in your online marketing. Many of these myths surround video in this great overview that tells you what you should be doing as much as what you shouldn’t. Online video presents real opportunities for your business. Don’t believe anything else. Search Engine Land

Simple Tools & Tips

Tools you can use. Here’s a run down of eight video editing tools that should make creating your online video message a snap. Video can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business, so check out these tools that can help you create a video customers can’t ignore. Small Business Trends

Don’t sweat that next online video. These simple tips should make online video production a breeze. If you are intimidated by the thought of creating quality video on your own, don’t be. The simple method in this article is great for beginners. Tweak Your Biz

Trends to Watch

Demand for video skills grows. Along with a growing interest in online video comes increased demand for skilled help to produce videos. Small businesses will face increased competition when hiring those who can produce video, as the demand for firms and freelancers having video skills is 68% higher in the first quarter of 2012.  Check out this report based on recent Elance data. Small Business Trends

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  1. I love the article about how small business owners are using video for their businesses. I think more business owners don’t use video because they think it is too complicated. As you point out, there are free tools, and once you know how, all it takes is determination to make a video for your business.

  2. Well, it’s not uncommon to see more and more websites adapting to the new web “standards” that are dictated by the big “G.” What do you think?

  3. We believe! Video production is a great tool and we offer award winning filmmakers networked nationwide to tell, sell, advocate and educate. This year it is predicted 70% of the traffic on the web is video. Our clients are organizations with a story to tell on sustainable practices and products and services including environment, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Video is a terrific way to increase your reach with constituents.

  4. We are finding that more and more small business owners are seeing the benefit of video for marketing their websites, products and services. Also, as an alternative means for getting their websites in front of their targeted audiences. Our prices for video production and marketing are so affordable, it isn’t really worth the effort or hassle for business owners to make their own. I guess that’s why we’re so busy!

  5. Video trumps other online media because it is richer and more engaging whether you are doing a product or service showcase or an explainer video. Over 39 billion videos were watched online in the last month. Thankfully, small business tend to get the power of the visual medium and are demanding video produciton services frequently.