Getting More Impact from Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing can mean different things to different people and in different markets. But in general, its about managing marketing through multiple channels to create a single message. If you’d like to improve the integration of your own marketing campaign, here are 10 ideas to consider:

Getting Things Together

Don’t fragment your campaign. All those television spots, radio ads, print ads, outdoor billboards, and more are fragmenting your message and your budget. (If we were talking about the many channels on the Internet, the same theory would hold.) Unless you integrate your message, you’re wasting your time. Bloomberg Businessweek

Integrate your social media messages. In her four social media practices that boost results, Deborah Shane includes the idea of using whichever platforms you choose — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest — in tandem as job one. There are many social media channels out there, and just as in other kinds of marketing, there’s a need to unify your message. Small Business Trends

Adding Pieces to Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing can take any form. John Greenleaf, vice president of global brand marketing for the DoubleTree hotel chain, talks about the cookies, large tent, iPads, magnetic speech bubbles, and Twitter hashtags that have been used to boost the company’s brand. CNN Money

PR should be part of the plan. Liana Evans gives us a list of ways to integrate public relations into your small business marketing plan. Suggestions include creating an inventory of business events, avoiding lumping everything about your business into one press release, creating a press release schedule, creating a list of contacts, and how to engage those contacts. ClickZ

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Enhance any marketing campaign with handwritten notes. In an era of social media, we should never forget the power of the handwritten note to forge connections. One such note made a huge impression.  Think outside the digital box when crafting your brand. You’re the Boss

-Add social media to your B to-B mix. Listen as a panel including Neal Campbell, senior VP-CMO at CDW Corp.; Belinda Hudmon, senior director-integrated marketing at Motorola Solutions; Brian Krause, VP-marketing and communications at Molex Inc.; and Maureen Moore, VP-marketing and communications at Fellowes Inc. talk about their efforts to add social media of various stripes, from Facebook and YouTube to  Chinese microblogging sites, to their marketing messages. B to B

Mixing It Up

Learn the simple steps for integrating new media. Digital strategist and blogger Sakina Walsh talks about the challenges for businesses that have yet to develop a true multichannel marketing strategy and what they can do to get started. Her advice? Focus on objectives, incentives, metrics, and key performance indicators to build an integrated effort with results you can measure. Business 2 Community

Mix traditional marketing with digital for better engagement. Big brands like Coca-Cola have already learned the importance of mixing traditional and social marketing messages as a way to create better engagement with potential customers. Here Jennifer Healan, Coca-Cola’s group director of integrated marketing content, discusses mixing Super Bowl ads with online engagement. Ad Age

Digital Integration 101

Bring social and content marketing together. Nick Stamoulis, president and founder of Brick Marketing, tells us about the importance of integrating online marketing channels in a way that sends a clear message to customers. For Stamoulis, the two most important parts of an online campaign are content marketing and social marketing. While social marketing is important for having conversations, content marketing forms the substance of those conversations. BostInno

Learn the power of the +1. When it comes to integrating social media and traditional link building strategy for your Website, a study by US search company TastyPlacement suggests they may ultimately have the same impact. One key finding was that +1s on Google are now the biggest driver of organic search traffic. The Drum

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  3. Thanks for including me in this awesome article. It’s great news that businesses are doing many of the important marketing activities now, but making them work better and more strategic together is how you see that ROI and brand acceleration take off!