Small Biz Web Hosting: Recent Developments and Options

It goes without saying:  your small business needs an online presence. But figuring out where to host it and how to choose hosting is easier said than done.  Web hosting options are often described in highly technical terms. Figuring out the best choice can feel like making your way through a maze. Services that provide free and low cost Web hosting for small businesses change periodically. Here are some recent developments in the world of Web hosting:

Changing Your Hosting

Microsoft’s Office Live Small Business is closed. While many small business owners have no doubt relocated their Office Live Small Business accounts to Microsoft’s newest product Office 365, the change clearly leaves some small businesses without a home. It’s a good time to carefully consider your next hosting choice. PC World Business Center

A hosting horror story. This is the reason you want to make the right hosting choice. Here’s one small business owner’s harrowing experience only a few weeks ago that should be enough to make your hair stand on end. What will picking the wrong hosting service mean to your business? Computerworld

Choosing Your Service

A checklist for your Web hosting needs. Choosing a Web host is no small decision and could affect your small business for quite some time. Here’s a checklist that should help you find the right option. Bloggers Passion

Who’s on your shortlist of top hosting companies? There are many hosting companies to choose from and, of course, not all are created equal. Fortunately, helpful lists like this one separate the wheat from the chaff. Sme Pals

Exploring New Alternatives

Hosting a Website on Blogger or WordPress. The two blog platforms offer their own free hosting too, and though most business advisers would stress the importance of having your own, these are simple solutions for getting something online fast. TC Times

Some hosting solutions offer extras. For example, Yahoo!, which has for some time offered a small business Web hosting option, has just rolled out a marketing dashboard to add to its other online business features. Do these extras appeal to you? Marketing Land

Taking Security Measures

What if the worst happens? One of the problems we never think about, though we certainly should, is the possibility of that catastrophic day when your hosting company shuts down, making all of your lovely content disappear. Don’t think it can’t happen. Fortunately, these guys can help. PC World

How to keep your e-commerce site safe. It’s a popular online business model, but there are also risks. Sometimes mastering online security is the most challenging part of Web hosting for your small business. Here’s an overview to simplify the challenges. Noobpreneur

Getting Started on a Budget

Shopping for great hosting bargains. As in most other areas in business these days, cost is a huge consideration when it comes to Web hosting. It’s important to get the services you need most without paying more than necessary. Host Review

Initiative aims at providing Web hosting and more. Google and Intuit are teaming up to offer small businesses across the country Web hosting and other tools to get online for free. Other partners in the program include the Association of Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, and Meetup. Has your small business gotten online yet? Small Business Trends

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  3. Web hosting option, has just rolled out a marketing dashboard to add to its other online business features. Do these extras appeal to you? Marketing Land

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