Small Business Product Launches and Shut Downs

A variety of small business tools are launching, and a few are shutting down or changing slightly. Which ones directly affect your company? We’ve collected some news about products available out there and some information that can help you decide which might benefit you.

Marketing Help

Yahoo’s marketing dashboard helps businesses market. The new feature boasts being able to find small businesses marketing opportunities they’ve been missing and manage their online reputation too. Fox Small Business Center

SmartCalls offers mobile marketing made simple. Mobile marketing is still a new frontier. One service offers your small business the opportunity to employee Google AdWords to reach local mobile customers too. Small Business Trends


Sage One offers payroll in the cloud. This new service offers the ability to do payroll for small businesses of up to 15 employees using completely cloud based tools. There are a variety of calculation and security features too. Technorati

Cloud-based Office

When a door closes, a window opens. The shut down of Microsoft’s Office Live Small Business last month, as reported earlier here at Small Business Trends, affects a lot more than hosting. The service offered many other cloud-based small business services and tools. Fortunately, the software giant has provided an alternative. Information Management

A look at Microsoft Office 365. Though not exactly new, Microsoft Office 365 may be getting a second look from plenty of small business owners now that Microsoft Office Live Small Business is officially shuttered. Here’s what the latest Microsoft small business cloud service has too offer. PC World Business Center

Information Management

A new service offers small business intelligence. In this interview with Brent Leary, Radius Intelligence founder Darian Shirazi explains how his new service offers access to a level of information never before available to small business. Small Business Trends

Ongo shutdown raises questions about paid content. Though this shutdown doesn’t touch specifically on small business, it may provide some interesting commentary on content. Since all small businesses these days seem to be in the content business, what does this say about the market? AFP

More Tools

Slideshare offers boosts to business. Again, this isn’t exactly a new tool, but the recent purchase by LinkedIn is sure to give it added visibility. Small businesses can use Slideshare in a wide variety of ways. If you would like to know more, read the full article above. Small Business Trends

New service offers hosted small business call center. Toronto-based Primus Business Services says it will give small to medium sized businesses call center services for a monthly fee. The service is managed through a dashboard and accessed via the Web.


Facebook is offering SMB webinars. Many small business owners already use the social network, of course, but Facebook is holding a series of Webinars aimed at helping small businesses to use its products even more effectively. Small Business Trends

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  1. Thank you for the roundup. I did not know about the Facebook webinars. They seem like a great resource for any small business owner.

  2. You missed one! We’ve launched the Perfect Accounting Tool. It is a full-featured accounting program that is cloud based and runs in the browser. It works on all operating systems and was built specifically for small business owners to use themselves.

    It includes standard accounting functionality and some very cool features to help small businesses succeed. Marketing, subcontractor and employee interfaces are just a few unique features.

    Please take a look and feel free to contact us with requests or questions.